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Resources For Men: Alabama Suicide Hotlines

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[Note: This article was originally published on The Medium. Edited for quality]

In 2016, more than 79% of Alabama suicides were males of all races. Even more frightening, the suicide rate is 16.2. This is higher than the homicide rate, which is 11.2. So, for men in Alabama, here is a lost of suicide prevention hotlines. If you find yourself with depression or suicidal thoughts, please contact these mental health centers.

Hotlines Dealing With Suicide
The Crisis Center For East Alabama (334–821–8600)

The Crisis Center
Crisis Line (205–323–7777)
Teen Link (205–328–5465)
Kids Help Line (205–328–5437)
Senior Help Line (205–328–8255)

Thirteenth Place, Inc.
Teen Crisis Line (256-547-9505)

Crisis Line (256–716–1000)
Toll Free (1–800–691–8426)

In addition to hotlines related to suicide prevention, there are multiple organizations dedicated to dealing with depression. Please check out these sites, as they dedicate their lives to informing citizens on ways they can prevent themselves or people they know from self harm. It’s called The Recovery Village.
The Recovery Village-Suicide Hotlines
The Columbus Recovery Center-Drug And Alcohol Rehab

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