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Media Misandry: Chip On Your Shoulder commercial

During the Superbowl, an ad for CURE Auto Insurance released an ad that made light of a male being assaulted. The woman is complaining about her personal life, while eating chips. One of the chips fall on her shoulder. The man tells her that she has a chip on her shoulder. However, she misinterprets his literal words for a metaphor. He proceeds to tell her about the chip on her shoulder, which she continues to misinterpret. After he gets tired of repeating the same thing, he attempts to grab the chip. Without any provocation, she slaps him across the face.
Why was this commercial made? What did it accomplish? This didn’t make me want to shop at CURE. Why are commercials continuing to use male domestic violence for humor and laughs? Especially in the wake of this Johnny Depp controversy. If you want to watch this ad, it’s available on YouTube

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