5 Stupid Things About Steve Shives Videos

Steve Shives is a left wing political commentator. He makes a series of YouTube videos called “Five Stupid Things”. In Five Stupid Things, he’s supposed to give five valid criticisms of a person, group of people, or an ideology. This series gets large amounts of views and is very prominent on his channel. Well, Steve Shives decided to take a swing at the Men’s Rights Movement.

In his video “Five Stupid Things About the Men’s Rights Movement”, he attempts to give criticisms to MRAs. There’s just one noticeable problem with the video: All of his criticisms were bad faith critiques. He made false claims and argued against the movement under false pretenses. The video received a large amount of dislikes. So many dislikes, he had to hide the like/dislike ratio.

5 Stupid Things About The MRM

I can go into full detail about the many things wrong with his video. But I don’t have to. A YouTube channel named “TL;DR” did a response video to Steve Shives. It was called “Steve Shives Doesn’t Understand the Men’s Rights Movement”. In this video, he goes into detail about everything wrong with Steve’s logic. He goes into detail about the statistical falsehoods and logical fallacies that Steve made in his video. To no surprise, this video was well received. He didn’t have to remove the like/dislike ratio. His video has way more views than Steve’s original video.

Steve Shives Doesn’t Understand The MRM

Unfortunately, this didn’t stop Steve from lying. In fact, he made a follow up video called “Five More Stupid Things About the Men’s Rights Movement”. In the video, he claimed to have found five more things to criticize the movement for. Similar to the last video, he failed to give any legitimate criticisms of the MRM. To no surprise, this video got heavy dislikes, so he removed the like/dislike ratio again.

5 More Stupid Things About The MRM

Thankfully, TL;DR recognized this video and responded to it again. He titled it “Steve Shives Still Doesn’t Understand the Men’s Rights Movement”. He proceeded to make a video using facts and logic. This was in contrast to Steve Shives, who spoke from blind emotion and fake outrage. Like the last video, this video was well received and gained more views than Steve’s inferior video.

Steve Shives Still Doesn’t Understand The MRM

Another YouTube channel, by the name of “Undoomed” was also very disturbed by the content of Steve’s video. So he made a response video called “Steve Shives Lies”.

Steve Shives Lies

Steve eventually got tired of TL;DR taking his ass to task. So he blocked him on Twitter. You can conclude what you will about that block. But, I’ll call it what it is: cowardice. If you have to remove a like/dislike ratio and block opposition on Twitter, you’re usually too scared to face reality. But, don’t just take my word for it-listen to everyone else. Though this video is the most extreme version of his intolerance, it’s not the only example.

TL:DR blocked on Twitter

Steve’s blocking patterns are well known throughout the internet community. YouTube channels make videos about Steve-mocking him for his inability to listen to opposing opinions and his refusal to accept facts that contradict his narrative. A YouTube channel, by the name of “SyeTen”, made a satire video about Steve’s stance on the MRM. It’s called “Men’s Rights Movement the Motherfucking Opera”.

MRM the MF Opera

Steve got tired of all of the criticism he was receiving and decided to make a rant video. The video was called “Seriously, the Hell with the Men’s Rights Movement”. He attempted to portray himself as a sort of revolutionary speaking truth to power. He dismissed the well received response videos as something only MRAs enjoyed. Unsurprisingly, just like the other 2 times, Steve received a lot of dislikes. Which he attempted to hide by disabling the like/dislike option.

The Hell With The MRM

At this point, Steve was becoming increasingly pathetic. If he was so sure that he was right, why did he hide the like/dislike ratio? If his words were so revolutionary, why did he have to delete comments? Instead of addressing the conversation honestly, he chose ideology over rationality. He surrounded himself in a feminist bubble-and he blocked anyone who didn’t agree with his views. Then he ranted about the criticism he received-hoping that he could shout down opposition.
This can only be described as “immature”. A grown man, who is supposed to have uncomfortable conversations, chose the safest position and ran away from opposition. A fairly respected left wing YouTube channel, became a perfect example of an intolerant ideologue. Fortunately, TL;DR and other YouTube channels successfully delivered quality content. It’s just a reminder that the truth will always win in the end. Hopefully, Steve acknowledges the truth in the future.

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