MRAs being lost in the Manosphere

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Unless your head is been under a rock, you’re completely aware of the antagonism that the men’s rights movement (MRM) receives from the media. One of the most misleading pieces of information that the media continues to spew is directly related to the manosphere. The MRM is constantly lumped in with other existing manosphere groups. The purpose of this is to cause confusion and place the responsibility of other groups on the shoulders of the MRM. With multiple journalists misleading the public, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the men’s groups from one another.

What Is The Manosphere?
Modern society has been rejecting the idea of male spaces. They also refuse to let men organically express their emotions. They only accept manufactured responses from media talking heads. The internet is the only moment where men can express their feelings without fear of being censored-thus the manosphere was born. The manosphere is a network of web based ideologies that are used as a platform for men to speak freely.
Multiple men’s groups have rose to prominence in the manosophere. Such as Men Going There Own Way, the pickup community, and Involuntary Celibates. The men’s rights movement, a movement that existed prior to the manosphere, successfully utilized the internet to give their group a platform. MRAs, such as Allison Tieman, Brian Martinez, Karen Straughan, Paul Elam, and Elizabeth Hobson have all gained recognition for their advocacy on the internet. It definitely attracted the attention of the media and helped the movement grow in popularity.
This sounds great on the surface. However, it gave the media ammunition to use against the MRM. The media didn’t want to spend their time doing accurate research on the entire manosphere. They didn’t want to do separate research on the MRM, MGTOW, PUAs, and incels. Instead they chose to lump all the groups together as one. The media speaks of MGTOW, PUAs, and incels as if they exist under the MRA umbrella-this is flat out false. The men’s rights movement is a completely different community and they openly acknowledge the difference between their group and other men’s groups.

Organizing The Manosphere
Here’s an organization of the manosphere in order to fix the confusion between the different groups.

-Pick Up Community
The idea of a pick up artist is to have sexual success with women. The term itself can be dated back decades. The pick up community however is a new group of men who decided to use the internet to bring back these old practices. People in this community consider themselves “Pick Up Artists” (PUA).
>Roosh V (Pick Up Artist)
>Return Of Kings (PUA website)

Incels (short for involuntary celibates) are members of an online subculture that have difficulty finding a romantic or sexual partner despite their desire to have one-referred to as “inceldom”. Incels have gained notoriety due to murders committed by people such as Elliot Roger and Scott Beierle.

-Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)
MGTOW is an online advocating for men to separate themselves from society-mostly women. MGTOW opposes marriage and cohabitation as they believe that this is harmful to men-at least in modern society. Not to be confused with activism and human rights, MGTOW is more along the lines of self-help.

-Father’s Rights
The Father’s Rights group is a community that has numerous legal organizations used to challenge legal injustices towards fathers.
Notable Father’s Groups
>The Father’s Rights Movement
>Father’s 4 Justice
>Families Need Fathers
>Dad’s Divorce

-The Men’s Rights Movement (MRM)
The men’s rights movement is a men’s group that advocates for the human rights and individual virtue of men and boys. The movement can be traced back to the late 1800s with socialist historian Ernest Belfort Bax. There was a noticeable shift in popularity due to the rise of former feminist Warren Farrell. The manosphere has recently given them another shift in popularity. The MRM hosts legal support, political recognition, men’s conferences, literature, and social media groups.
MRA Umbrella
>The National Coalition For Men-legal organization
>Justice For Men And Boys-political party
>A Voice For Men-website
>Honey Badger Radio-media
>The Myth Of Male Power-book
>International Conference On Men’s Issues-conference

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