Black Man Discriminated Against Twice

Sauntore Thomas filed a successful lawsuit against his former employer for racial discrimination. He was hoping that he could move on from any more legal problems.

Unfortunately, he found himself in a new one.
Thomas went to cash his settlement checks at his bank, TCF. He attempted to deposit them into his bank account. But, the manager refused to allow him to cash his checks. She “suspected” fraud, despite any suspicion of fraud, and called the police. Ultimately, no arrests were made, due to their inability to prove fraud and his cooperation with the police.

This incident brought up the need for another discrimination lawsuit. It made zero sense for the manager to assume that there was any possibility of fraud. There was no legitimate reason for her to assume that he was fraudulent. There definitely was no reason for her to call the police on him.

Thomas, an ordinary black man attempting to live his life, was discriminated by 2 different establishments.


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