Kyle’s Stance On Gender Equality Is All Over The Place

Kyle Kullinski is a left wing political commentator, who’s known for his YouTube channel “Secular Talk”. He decided to take a crack at the subject in his video titled “Richard Dawkins: There’s A Men’s Rights Movement?” So, for context, Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist was at Kennesaw State. He was interviewed about a variety of different topics. Eventually the topic about the MRM came up, and he was completely unaware of its existence (no surprise, as the MRM isn’t very large). The video was posted by the “Richard Dawkins For Reason and Science” YouTube channel On November 21, 2014. Kyle Kullinski took the small clip about men’s rights and decided to make a video about it.
This one was rather ironic. Every other left wing personality is known for letting their bias and ignorance get in the way of their reporting. Most people point to Kyle Kullinski as an exception to the rule. People refer to him as “principled” and “willing to address arguments honestly”. In fact, he’s known for getting frustrated with other people who misrepresent left wing arguments. He even fights against dishonest framing in political discussions.
Well, most of those positive aspects were non existent in this video. Kyle Kullinski-who generally comes off as an intelligent and rational person-came off as a complete douche in the video. He spent the entire video, pleading ignorance to what MRAs were advocating for and misrepresenting their arguments. His own audience clearly recognized this as well, judging by the dislikes the video got.
But, let’s go into detail about the lazy arguments present in this video.

The Official Left Wing Stance On Men’s Issues
1A.(1:32-2:15) Kyle sarcastically addresses the idea of men needing a movement in the first place. You would assume that Kyle would do just a little research before making the video. Incarceration rates for men and women are higher for the same crime. Men, especially black men, are nearly left behind in the entire education system. Circumcision is a human rights violation that is practiced worldwide. These are just a few examples. There’s no need to sit back and just complain about this at a bar. Clearly something has to be done about this. People need to write about it, do speeches about it, get the mainstream media to report on it, and fight to change the laws-case in point, the men’s rights movement. Kyle could have done research on men’s issues. He could of even read a book. The information was there for him to find. Instead, he chose to smugly dismiss the idea that men were suffering from any injustices.

B. (2:15-2:59) He then gives Richard Dawkins “progressive brownie points” for his response to men’s issues. This statement does the best job giving the official left wing stance on men’s issues. Richard Dawkins has been getting heavily criticized by the left for his statements on religion-especially Islam. Apparently, according to Kyle, you can earn back your trust with the left by trashing men’s issues. This is essentially Kyle saying that male hatred is a staple of the left and that it has no plans on fixing it. What a great look for your cause.

Kyle Contradicts Himself
2A. (3:14-3:28) Kyle managed to contradict himself within a minute’s time. Despite Kyle, clearly dismissing the need for the men’s rights movement, he actually goes on to acknowledge that they make good points. However, he claims that in most cases “men are getting whatever they want”, while women are the disadvantaged group. Ignoring the fact he’s wrong, he’s completely contradicting himself. He shifted his belief from “Men aren’t suffering and don’t need a movement” to “Men do suffer sometimes, but women have it worst”.
Even if we were to agree with his logic of women “having it worst”, the answer is simple: So? Since when is human rights a victim hood competition? Would Kyle stop the black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native community from speaking because one of the groups “have it worst” in his opinion? Of course not, because that’s silly and pathetic-like his logic on gender. Your opinion on who has it worst is not a legitimate argument against men’s issues.

B. (3:30-5:00) In fairness, he did actually say something sensible in this video for once. He actually acknowledged several points that men’s rights guys talk about-such as divorce laws. However, it’s still odd that he went from being arrogantly dismissive of men’s issues to acknowledging some of their points within a manner of minutes.

C. (5:00-5:37) Also, in a surprising twist, Kyle brings up issues with modern feminism and how there needs to be a push back against unfair attacks from feminist groups. So, after saying that men didn’t need a movement. He basically, just went on to explain another major reason why the MRM exists in the first place.

Making Shit Up
3A. (5:59-6:35) But, of course he went back to saying absolutely nothing afterwards. So, he claims that a MRA talking point is that “men are disproportionately targeted during war”. Ummmm….who said this? Notice, he didn’t actually give any examples of MRAs who say this. This is a routine that MRA detractors do. They always claim “This is what MRAs say”, but they fail to give any actual evidence.

B. (6:43-7:16) He then went on to address male victims of rape, without addressing the actual points that MRAs are bringing up. The MRM is bringing up the fact that the law gives a pass to female perpetrators. No MRA uses prison rape to claim that “men get raped more”. MRAs routinely try to bring awareness to male victims of female perpetrators, which have little to no legal recognition. But those facts don’t matter to Kyle Kullinski-he has a narrative to push.

Full Circle-Back To Feminism
4. (7:40-9:03) Finally, Kyle starts running to a dictionary, to claim that the text book definition of feminism is equality between the sexes. He then proclaims that anyone who cares about men’s issues should identify as a feminist. How is that possible, though? Kyle started the video dismissing men’s issues. Even when he gave men’s issues slight recognition, he immediately downplayed the importance of it. Now we’re supposed to believe that Kyle actually cares about men’s issues and that his feminism will save us? I don’t think so.
He finishes the video off by talking about women’s issues, in a video about men’s issues. How ironic.

This entire video was honestly hard to watch. The amount of lies and ignorance thrown out in this video could have been easily debunked by any MRA.
It’s very telling that Kyle Kullinski is considered to be the intellectual of the left. There wasn’t much intellect put into this video. If he’s the intellectual of left wing YouTube channels, the standards must be dropping. Happily, this is the only MRA video I could find from Secular Talk so far.

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