Student Who Tested Negative For Drugs, Expelled Regardless

Jordan Evans, a former student at Northmont High School was stopped and searched by school authority figures after his teachers claimed that he smelled like weed. Evans was subjected to a search. No drugs were found. Katina Cottrell, his mother-a registered nurse, brought a drug test up to the school. He passed the test. She then took her son to urgent care for another test, which Evans passed.

Despite the school’s inability to prove that he had any drugs on him, he was still suspended and was eventually expelled. The school’s policy allows them to suspend and possibly expel students for having the smell of marijuana on their breath or body. Katina is worried that her son is being racially discriminated against. Her concerns aren’t all that surprising. In 2018, Northmont hired a diversity coach to give staff members cultural awareness for black male students. This is due to the school’s history of failing to have a healthy student teacher relationship.

Evans feels that the damage has already been done. He claims that the suspension dropped his grades down tremendously after 5 days.


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