Michael Flood Seeks To Discredit Father’s Groups

Male Feminist Michael Flood, writes for a website called “XY Online”. Flood uses the site as a platform to promote feminist propaganda and to spread misinformation about men’s groups. In 2011, he wrote a piece called “Let’s Stop Violence Before It Starts: Using primary prevention strategies to engage men, mobilise communities, and change the world”. On page 47, he created an entire strategy dedicated solely to discrediting father’s groups.

>Routinely push the lie that father’s groups are attempting to gain control over women. He also plans to push the lie that the members of this group are abusers.

>Reaching out to vulnerable fathers and using them as tokenist voices against father’s rights groups. Therefore, their inaccurate criticisms can come off as more legitimate.

>Using women who have abuse stories as a scare tactic. These stories would scare society into thinking that father’s rights activists are violent people who intend to physically assault women.


Feminist groups spend the vast majority of their time attempting to discredit men’s groups. They started off dismissing these men’s groups due to their small size and lack of popularity. To their surprise, men’s groups have been growing in popularity. Our noticeable growth prevents them from ignoring our existence. Instead, they have to spend their time trying to discredit us.
So Michael’s strategy isn’t too shocking. However, his open admission of this fact is a completely new approach. While most feminists will pretend to be completely ignorant about all of the backlash and censorship they encourage, Michael easily admits that this is the case. He doesn’t hide behind any claim of decency, he knows who he is and he acts accordingly.
At the end of the day, this is a small reminder that feminists go out of their way to slander men’s groups whenever they get the chance. If you’re a member of a father’s rights group, be prepared to fight back against the slander of Michael Flood and his supporters. This isn’t the first time that something like this happened and it won’t be the last.

Site: https://xyonline.net/content/lets-stop-violence-it-starts-using-primary-prevention-strategies-engage-men-mobilise

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