Female Predators: Leah Cordice

Leah Cordice is a married woman who was babysitting a 13 year old boy. In January 2017, while intoxicated, Leah went into the boy’s room while he was playing on his video game console. She then pulled his pants down and begged for sex. Meanwhile, she married her long time boyfriend, Daniel Robbins. Afterwards, Leah tried to falsely accuse the boy of raping her-but that claim was rejected.

Leah gave birth to the 13 year old boy’s baby. Social services denied him access to his children. Since then, he has been diagnosed with separation anxiety.

Daniel Robbins falsely assumed that the baby was his. He was completely traumatized after he saw the DNA results. He felt as if his wife never really cared for him.

In July, 2018 Leah was arrested at her home and received 30 months in prison.


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