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The SPLC Antagonize A Male Support Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an organization that has a long history of slandering and antagonizing groups that they have a bias against. In the case of men’s issues, the SPLC routinely sees men’s groups as “dangerous” and “prejudice”-due to their feminist favoritism. Well, the SPLC decided to take it up a notch. They chose to prevent a program dedicated to supporting men with drug addictions.
In 2018, Craig Nelsen and Sherman Davis were opening the “Robinson Jeffers Boxing Club” in Lexington, Missouri. The program was supposed to help with the opiod drug problem that was becoming commonplace in society. Despite the fact that white men are heavily affected by the drug problem, the program was open to all races. But, this fact didn’t prevent SPLC from lying about it. SPLC, recognizing the disparity among white men, convinced the city that it was a “white only” event. They portrayed the attempt to relieve human suffering as a Nazi-like recruitment.
Due to their efforts, the City of Lexington shut the effort down. SPLC, deliberately prevented a program designed to better the lives of men. A Lawsuit has been filed to push back against the SPLC and their disturbing actions.

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