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Wikipedia Falsely Connects Men’s Rights With The Alt Right

Wikipedia, a free site that millions of people search for information, is willingly putting out misinformation and biased research on their site. Recently, in their latest form of misinformation, they attempted to connect the men’s rights movement (and the manosphere) to the alt-right. The alt-right is a confirmed hate group that openly promotes white nationalism, antisemitism, and xenophobia (things that the MRM does not promote or support). The article also can’t be edited. It’s “protected” to prevent “vandalism”. Which is translation for “we don’t want people to correct any misinformation we added on this subject”. According to Wikipedia, fighting for gender equality on behalf of men will turn you into a card carrying klan member attempting to oppress black people. Fighting for prison sentencing, accurate media portrayals, and boys education is the equivalent of a neo-Nazi doing a Hitler salute.
This level of dishonesty isn’t really surprising. Annually, Wikipedia has meetings with feminist academics and researchers. They’ve been working to make sure all of their research on gender is from a feminist POV. Clearly that bias extends to their reporting on the men’s rights movement.
It should be very alarming that Wikipedia is willingly misleading readers of their site. The name “Wikipedia” has the suffix “pedia”-which is a play on the word “encyclopedia”. Encyclopedias have been books that people use as a resource on topics all around the world. The usage of Wikipedia is an even more expanded version of an encyclopedia. This site addresses topics related to modern politics, activism, literature, and media. A lot of people look to them for info that they wouldn’t know otherwise. It’s unnerving for them to manipulate that trust to promote whatever narrative they choose to promote. People aren’t looking for narratives, they’re looking for information.

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