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Black Men Under Jim Crow Joe Biden

Harvard Black Men's Forum

In an effort to remind black men how little the Democrat Party values our life, Joe Biden became their front runner in the 2020 presidential election. In fact, Joe Biden has been a leading voice of the Democrat party since the 1980s. During his political career, he’s played the role as the 2nd coming of Jim Crow. His dog whistle rhetoric has been alarming. His policies have disenfranchised black men. And his affiliation with racially divisive figures screams “white supremacy”.
For a long time, he has gotten away with making polarizing decisions that negatively affect black males. However, his place in the general election, and the use of social media, has brought his history to light. Biden has come under a lot more scrutiny recently. Unfortunately, most of that scrutiny hasn’t come from the mainstream media-who worked to elect Biden in order to get rid of President Trump. The media planned on promoting Biden at all costs.

Joe Biden and Segregation

Jim Crow law | History, Facts, & Examples | Britannica

Throughout the 1970s, Joe Biden opposed desegregation efforts. In 1977, he co-authored a bill that limited federal courts to order busing. In order to get his anti-busing bill passed, he sought support from segregationists. Not only did he write letters to segregationists, he became deeply affiliated with them. In fact, he openly bragged about his work with segregationists.
James Eastland was a Missisippi Democrat senator who championed segregation and once called to “abolish the negro race”. Biden and Eastland worked together to make sure that busing policies weren’t passed. Biden had also become close friends with Jesse Helms, who was known for opposing the holiday of Martin Luther King Jr and using white fear of a black male-white female interracial couple against Frank Porter Graham. Herman Talmadge, who fiercely opposed civil rights during the popularity of the Civil Rights Movement, didn’t seem to phase Joe at all. Even Robert Byrd, who was an outspoken figure in the Ku Klux Klan, was seen as someone who Joe could compromise with.
Apparently, Joe Biden is open to working with white supremacists if it means furthering his political agenda. Regardless of their views on civil rights. Regardless of their incitement of racial violence. There was no level of white supremacy that Joe wasn’t willing to accept and praise, at the expense of black men.

Multiple Crime Bills

Mass Incarceration, Then and Now | The New Yorker

When you hear about systemic racism used against black men, incarceration is one of the immediate indicators. Mass incarceration is one of the strongest forms of destruction in the black community. Prison is seen as the follow up to slavery and Jim Crow and black men have been targeted by that very prison system. Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, 2 Republican presidents, are constantly seen as the poster boys of this systemic inequality. Due to the failed “War On Drugs” that targeted black men at large rates and didn’t solve the drug crisis that they were supposedly trying to prevent. However, the king of incarceration goes to non other than Joe Biden himself.
Ronald Reagan: During Reagan’s administration, Joe Biden pushed for federal spending on new prisons and new police. The Republican Party was making an effort to reduce federal spending-one of their most popular gimmicks at the time. Even Reagan was more focused on cutting taxes and reducing social welfare spending. It was indeed, Biden who influenced a reluctant Reagan to expand the federal spending to continue the long-lasting War On Drugs. Reagan even vetoed a signature piece of legislation from Biden, to create a “drug czar”. Biden would go on to criticize Reagan (who would later be heavily scrutinized for his expansion on the drug crackdown) for not going far enough in his efforts.
Comprehensive Crime Control Act: In 1984, Joe Biden shaped the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, continuing his political history of incarceration. This act abolished parole for convicted federal prisoners. Increased federal penalties for cultivation, possession, or transfer or marijuana. Made several offenses federal crimes, such as credit card fraud, computer crime, and trademark violations.
Anti-Drug Abuse Act (1986): Biden helped lead the push for the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act which created the racially controversial 100:1 crack vs powder cocaine sentencing disparity. It also increased the average prison time for drug offenses (from 22 months to 33 months). This bill heavily exposed the systemic targeting of black males.
Anti-Drug Abuse Act (1988): If the anti-drug abuse laws from 1986 weren’t bad enough, Biden took it a step further. 2 years later, he co-sponsored the 1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Act. This act spent billions of more dollars of law enforcement, multiplied the numbers of arrests and incarcerations, and built prisons at a record pace. Despite all of this, the bill was found to be ineffective. Meaning that the government passed a damaging bill, adding criminal records and putting people behind bars to little effect.
George H W Bush: Biden continued to push for stronger and tougher anti-drug legislation under the Bush administration. In 1989, Biden criticized President Bush for not going far enough. He felt that Bush’s measures were “too limited” and that Bush wasn’t serious enough about the issue.

1994 Crime Bill

Biden delivering speech on 1994 crime bill

In 1994, Joe Biden proposed and structured the most impactful crime bill in US history. This bill is a lot more polarizing in modern day society and is used against the involved politicians during debates. The bill authorized $30 billion of spending, expanding police forces and state prisons. In an effort to prove that Democrats aren’t “soft” on crime and to prevent the Republican Party from using it against them, the “Democrat from Delaware” (Joe Biden) helped push a bill that disenfranchised black men.
As Biden made clear in his speech, he doesn’t care about getting to the root cause of the crime problem. He has zero intention of trying to rehabilitate people back into society. His goal was to lock them up and throw away the key. A “zero tolerance” philosophy that doesn’t leave room for error. To make matters worse, Biden bragged about this. Most people, with a shred of humanity, would frame this as a legitimate concern for safety. But not Biden. He framed it as a legendary bill that would take the “thugs” and “predators” off of the street.

I Am Black

Biden-Charlamane Intervew

Joe Biden, in an effort to get people to vote for him, had an interview with Charlamane Tha God. Throughout the interview, Charlamane brought up the issues that the black community is having with the Democratic Party. Joe Biden, as expected, used his support with the NAACP and black voters to downplay the problem. However, the most controversial comment was his “You ain’t black” response. Biden claimed that “You ain’t black” if you have trouble deciding between him and Trump. Implying that he’s entitled to the black vote. Implying that he’s the authority on who’s “black enough” and who isn’t.

Democrats Defend Joe Biden’s Comments

These comments drew heat from voters and politicians. Biden later apologized for these comments. However, Biden supporters attempted to deflect the blame to Trump in order to shift the attention away from Biden.
Well, Biden, I am black and I don’t support the policies that you passed. You’re not the authority on who black people should vote for.

Title IX

From the Archives: Brock Peters, 78; Stage, Screen, TV Actor Noted for Role  in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' - Los Angeles Times

Under the Obama administration, Biden helped the former president with new sexual assault guidelines. Those guidelines were heavily criticized for violating the rights of the accused. Black men were heavily hit by these new guidelines. Black men were a disproportionate number of expulsions and scholarship losses. These Title IX guidelines echo a disturbing racist history where black men were seen as a threat to white women. Black men were lynched and given a lack of due process when standing before juries. Biden and Obama chose to bring these dog whistle ideas back.
Under the Trump administration, Betsy Devos rescinded Obama’s guidelines and added restrictions to the power that colleges have to removing students accused of sexual assault. Biden wasn’t happy about the change. He vowed to bring back Obama’s guidelines. Apparently, black men being denied due process isn’t a big deal for Biden’s administration. In order to pander to women voters and groups, they are willing to throw innocent males under the bus.

Clearly, black men can’t expect to be accurately represented during this 2020 presidential election. The Democratic establishment seems to have their feet firmly behind Biden. Regardless of his disturbingly racial views and policies, black men are expected to “suck it up” because (according to Democrats), he’s “better than Trump”. This entire election should cement black male voter’s distrust with current politicians.

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4 thoughts on “Black Men Under Jim Crow Joe Biden

  1. Great article! The only thing i would add is that Joe Biden also wrote the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) why is this important?

    Because VAWA gave feminists direct access to taxpayer funds who then created Domestic Violence Seminars that became mandatory for Law Enforcement and judges to take; during which the Feminists falsely claimed that women were always the victims while men were always the perpetrators.

    Pre VAWA the police had began to arrest female partners for domestic violence if they didn’t have any bruises or any other signs of injury but their male partners did.

    After VAWA at the feminists insistence men were aways arrested even though the evidence they gathered proved that he’d been abused by his female partner.

    I also remember reading well over 20 years ago that at one time the number one killer of black males was his black wife, girlfriend or Significant Other.


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