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Violent Women: Tiana Trammel & Tjwana Rainey

Two Milwaukee women have been arrested for allegedly drugging and robbing 10 men at Chicago bars. Tiana Trammel & Tjwana Rainey, who are both mothers, would flirt with the victims, giving them a drink and inviting them to another location. The victims would later wake up at their homes or an undisclosed location, with their wallets and other valuables missing. In total, they stole approximately $85,000 in cash, phones, and jewelry. They also used stolen credit and debit cards at Wal-Mart and Target around Milwaukee.
The 2 girls were later tracked by law enforcement. Surveillance video captured Trammel’s movements. They were both arrested in Chicago, after carrying a man from a downtown club to Trammel’s car. Their bail had been set to $55,000 (Trammel) and $45,000 (Rainey).

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