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Fake Bitch Bashing Month Controversy

The truth… Do we lie? | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World  NewsGuardian Woman — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

On August 28, 2007, Jezebel published a satire article called “Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause , Uh, We Have” by Tracie Egan Morrissey. In the article, they openly mock male victims of female domestic violence. They laugh about the large amounts of physical abuse that women have committed against their male partners.
As stated in the Jezebel article:
“According to a study of relationships that engage in nonreciprocal violence, a whopping 70% are perpetrated by women. So basically that means that girls are beating up their BFs and husbands and the dudes aren’t fighting back. With Amy Winehouse busting open a can of whupass on her husband last week, we decided to conduct an informal survey of the Jezebels to see who’s gotten violent with their men. After reviewing the answers, let’s just say that it’d be wise to never ever fuck with us.”
Luckily, everyone hated this article. And the author was called out in the comment section.

Paul’s Response
Paul Elam, a writer for A Voice For Men, responded to that article with a satire article of his own-titled “October is the fifth annual Bash a Violent Bitch Month”. Elam openly acknowledges that he is responding to Tracie’s Jezebel article-even going as far as citing her own words. He wanted to show everyone how outraged the world would be if a man had written an article about hitting women. He accomplished this by describing gruesome acts of men committing domestic violence towards women.

The Beauty Of Selective Reading
Anyone with common sense can understand that the purpose of his article was to raise awareness of female perpetrators and male victims. His job was to expose the hypocrisy of Jezebel and how their humor only works because of ignorant stereotypes of domestic violence. He made it abundantly clear that the article isn’t actually advocating for men to commit domestic violence. Yet, all of this fell on the opposition’s deaf ears. They ignored the entire context of the article. Journalists, political commentators, and the Southern Poverty Law Center cited the article as “concrete proof” that the men’s rights movement are violent-because “fuck the truth”, right?
>On October 18, 2013 David Futrelle decided to write an article about Paul Elam on We Hunted The Mammoth (David’s website). In his article, he states “Elam is also a fierce misogynist with a penchant for angry, violent rhetoric full of only-slightly veiled threats. But don’t take my word for it. Perhaps the best way to get to know Mr. Elam is through his own words.” The very first article that he cited as evidence was Bash A Violent Bitch Month. So, the very first evidence he could use against Paul Elam was a n article that he took out of context? Not very convincing evidence.
>In 2014, MRAs started the first ever International Conference On Men’s Issues (ICMI). It was protested by feminists in hopes of shutting it down. Matt Binder, from the Majority Report attempted to defend the indefensible. What was his immediate justification for feminist censorship? Yup, you guessed it, the Bash A Violent Bitch Month article. So, in Binder’s mind, feminists should censor men’s conferences because of an article that they intentionally took out of context.

0:00-0:28 Binder cites Bash A Violent Bitch Month

>On Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, they have a “male supremacy” section in which they extensively cite A Voice For Men as a “male supremacy” site. In order to make their point, they posted several quotes from the site to make their case. Among their leading cases stood the Bash A Violent Bitch Month article. So, SPLC, a website that’s supposed to be tracking hate, can’t manage to do accurate research on the evidence that they’re supposed to be providing.
This one article has been cited out of context by opposition routinely. It’s the ultimate “aha” for people who hope to prove that MRAs only care about hating women, as opposed to helping men. It’s pretty damn ironic when you think about it. It’s nearly impossible to read the actual article and assume that he was actually advocating for domestic violence. The fact that this article is constantly cited, out of context mind you, seems to imply that the vast majority of opposition to the MRM is based off of fabricated evidence. If there was legitimate arguments to use against MRAs, they wouldn’t have to continuously fabricate content.

Shifting The Goal Post
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Even when context is pointed out, the opposition immediately downplays the evidence. The Jezebel article that Paul was responding to, is still out there for everyone to read. All it takes is a quick search on Google. Once you show the people that Tracie wrote the original article mocking domestic violence victims, their outrage immediately disappears. If you show someone the Jezebel article, their response is to ignore it and say that “it’s still no excuse for what he wrote”. No outrage about Tracie’s mockery of male victims. And no immediate retraction of their words, despite the truth being presented right in front of their faces.
In order to successfully shift the goal post, people attempt to downplay the importance of female-on-male violence and amp up the importance of male-on-female violence. Using the deaths of innocent women as a shield for women to mock male victims of domestic violence. It’s very telling that feminists think abused women at the hands of a male partner is a justification for women writers to make a mockery of men who suffer abuse at the hands of their female partners.

Clearly, even if you show feminists this evidence, they’ll ignore it and continue to repeat the same lie afterwards. So this article isn’t directly for them. It’s for the casual observer who needs context on the topic. It’s used just in case, some dumb feminist pops up and says “MRAs mocked domestic violence victims. That’s why we oppose them. They hate da wammin.” Never hesitate to show them the context.

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2 thoughts on “Fake Bitch Bashing Month Controversy

  1. Unfortunately under Paul Elam’s leadership the MHRM has done very little to help men.

    AVfM hasn’t participated in any kind of activism for years now choosing instead to bitch, whine and moan. Even though the website is still a good source of information but that is all.

    As opposed to taking on the Divorce and Family court system that discriminates against men on a daily basis.

    All the while ignoring the impact of male on male violence on men such as myself; going so far as to justify men bullying other men in their “Red Pill” philosophy as men just testing each other.

    And dare to disagree with Paul Elam or any of the positions AVfM promotes, such as the morally depraved Paper Abortion.

    One will just as quickly find their comments removed and themselves banned from AVfM when they can not refute the arguments presented. Just as one would on a feminist website.

    Indeed AVfM is now little more than a personality cult serving to rake in donations from men who can least afford to donate. While providing little in return, other than moral support, for their hard earned money.


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