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Police Officer Fired Over Traffic Stop Incident

Recently, there was a traffic stop incident that led to backlash from the general public due to the unnecessary force done by the officers. Caron Nazario, a second lieutenant in the US Army Medical Corps, in suing the town of Windsor, Virginia. Officer Joe Gutierrez was fired in the aftermath of the incident.

Police officers stopped Caron. He clearly shows his hands to the officers outside of his window and assures them that he has done nothing wrong. Despite this, the officers point their guns at the Army veteran. They yell at him to get out (guns still drawn). He tells them that he’s afraid to get out (most likely fearing the possibility of being shot). One officer responds “Yeah dude. You should be.”

In the video, Caron repeatedly asks why he was being pulled over to no response. Police eventually pepper spray him and kick him. He is then handcuffed on the ground , while police search his car. He asks why the officers are treating him this way. The officers claim “lack of cooperation” as the reasoning.

The incident report said that Nazario was pulled over for not having tags displayed on his recently bought SUV. Yet, the temporary dealer plate is visible in the officer’s body camera video.

After Officer Gutierrez finished resorting to several acts of irresponsible behavior (drawing a gun, pepper spraying, handcuffing, and kicking Caron), he then asks the lieutenant to let the incident go-causing even more suspicion.

Officer Gutierrez was fired for failing to follow correct police procedures. The status of the other officer, Daniel Crocker, has not been given. The department is also requiring additional training.

Source (s)
CBS News

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