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Mitchell Matthews’ Tragic “Man Up” Suicide

Rfn Mitchell Matthews was found hanged in their home on July 24, the inquest was told

British army soldier, Mitchell Matthews, requested time off to take care of his daughter. His wife, Katy, is a nurse that worked on the NHS frontline during the pandemic. Mitchell wanted to fill in as the parent while his wife was at work. He was actually granted this time with his daughter. However, he was allegedly being bullied and pressured to continue his duties in the military. In one alleged incident, he was told to “man up” by one of the members.

He also didn’t get a sufficient amount of time with his daughter. He could spend time with her, but only when she at school. As time went on, he started receiving more calls. He was being told that he wouldn’t progress in his career due to his lack of effort towards the scenario.

He was put in a very awkward dilemma. He was passionate as a father and wanted to stay with his daughter. He was also very passionate about his career in the military. It only gets worse due to the pressure that the military members were putting on him to live up to his duty. This “man up” pressure was strong and led to him eventually committing suicide. He hanged himself.

Source (s)
Daily Mail

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