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Violent Women: Haley Erin Zager

Haley Erin Zager

>Haley Erin Zager was in a go-kart and was hit from behind by another go-kart.

>She got out of her go-kart and slapped the 11 year old black boy in the face and called him a racial slur for not apologizing.

>Multiple employees say Zager get out of the go-kark and hit the child.

>Another boy at the park claims that after Zager slapped the boy, she told a bystander “the n-word hit me”.

>The boy had swelling on his cheek after the hard slap and was treated by paramedics. He was given an ice pack.

>Zager admits to striking the child. But denies any use of a slur.

>She was charged with second degree felony child abuse.

>She was also charged with drug possession, as officers found Altoids tin packed with various pills in her underwear.

Source (s)
New York Post
Law & Crime

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