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Female Gym Member Makes Dumb Tik Tok Video

>Tik Tok user @libbychristensen was at the gym excercising. Using a hack squat machine backwards.

>She does it in front of a guy who was preparing to lift weights.

>For whatever reason, she has a camera on him without his consent or knowledge.

>He doesn’t even pay any attention to her squating, as he’s focused on his own excercise.

>You would think this would just be a silly female experiment gone wrong. But for whatever reason, she thought it was appropriate to post the video on her Tik Tok, giving the man a “thank you” for not looking at her while she squats.

>This begs a variety of concerns
-Why was she recording a guy without his consent in the first place? Isn’t that harrassment? Especially since he was just coming their to excercise?
-It looks as if she was hoping something happened so that she could make a social media post complaining about it at the expense of this innocent man’s reputation.
-If nothing happened, why would she post the video anyway? Did she run out of the negative content she was aiming for and turn it into some fake positive content for more attention?

It’s unfortunate that women like this exist. Spending their lives trying to bait men into a trap and throw them under the bus for 5 minutes of fame. Hopefully, Libby was given a side of fries with the attention she ordered.

One thought on “Female Gym Member Makes Dumb Tik Tok Video

  1. Shows the predatory intention of women who attack men for “creep-staring”. Such women are the real predators who don’t want to leave men alone.


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