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False Rape Accuser: Anisah Ahmed

Anisah Ahmed (above), 33, staged her own kidnapping and stabbing in a 'comprehensive and orchestrated' revenge campaign against fellow barrister Iqbal Mohammed

>Anisah Ahmed, female lawyer, met Iqbal Mohammed on LinkedIn.

>Mohammed is a barrister who specializes in commerical law at St Phillips Chambers. He made an appearance on BBC legal documentary “The Barristers”, a documentary that follows bar students as they took their first step into the profession.

>Ahmed and Mohammed began their 6 month relationship in 2014. Unfortunately, that happy relationship hit a bump road when she found out that he was married.

>After Ahmed found out about his marriage, she attempted to frame him as a rapist and murderer. She did an entire elaborate campaign as revenge for him not telling her that he was married.

>She sent details of the affair to his wife and colleagues. She emailed his head of chambers demanding an investigation into his integrity.

>Afterwards, she created a fake email account in Mohammed’s name and sent herself threatening messages.

>Mohammed was placed under arrest as a result of Ahmed’s fake plot. He was questioned by law enforcement for hours until he was cleared and IT found out that Ahmed had created the fake account.

>Ahmed was arrested on suspicion of harassment. Despite the serious legal ramifcations of her actions, she only doubled down on her behavior. She accused him of repeatedly raping her.

>She later recruited her ex boyfriend Mustafa Hussain to send her threatening messages to her. So that she can stage those messages to be from Mohammed.

>Becoming even more desperate, she staged her own kidnapping and asked Hussain to stab her 3 times, so that she can further frame Mohammed. When the paramedics arrived, she told them that Mohammed had done the stabbing.

>Even while she was injured, he continued her relentless campaign against him. She asked more accomplices to send her threatening letters, to further frame Mohammed.

>During her trial, her defense team tried to claim that she was suffering from “emotionally unstable personality disorder”.

>She was found guilty of perverting the court of justice and conspiracy to pervert the court of justice. She was given 4 years in prison. And her ex boyfriend, Hussain, was given 2 years in prison.

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