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False Accuser: Marianne Naughton

>Marianne Naughton, 25, from Ramsey New Jersey had sex with a man after a drunken night out in Douglas in November 2019

>She later falsely accused that man of rape.

>Naughton said that she met the man at the Nags Head pub in Douglas on November 2nd, after her husband had gone home. She claimed she did not remember how she ended up at his flat.

>She claims that she meant to take a taxi home and was unsure if she consented to sex. Planting the seeds that she was raped.

>The police arrested the man and interviewed them on November 4. The man said that at no point did Marianne suggest that she was uncomfortable. There were nof urther actions taken against the man.

>A police investigation later found that she had give false details about the incident. CCTV footage highlighted inconsistencies in Naughton’s account. She then pleaded guilty to it.

>The man who was falsely accused was reportedly hit by a colleague and lost friends as a result of the false complaint.

>She was charged with committing an act against public justice. She was sentenced to 10 months in prison. She was suspended for 18 months. She was ordered to pay £2,000 in compensation to the victim, as well as prosecution costs.

Source (s)
BBC News

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