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Sherri Papini Faked A Kidnapping

Sherri Papini

>Sherri Papini was described as a woman with multiple affairs and boyfriends. Her exes describe her as an “attention hungry” woman who made things up for sympathy. But the stunt she pulled in 2016 is something that shocked the country.

>Papini’s husband, Keith, reported her missing on November 2nd at 5:50 pm after returning home from work. She was nowhere to be found and their children were still at daycare.

>Keith then used the “Find my iPhone” app to locate Sherri’s phone. Her phone was sitting on the side of the road near their home next to her earbuds, which were tangled in blonde hair. He was suspicious, as the phone seemed to be placed and positioned strangely.

>Police searched her phone and discovered 2 men’s phone numbers under women’s names.

>The 39 year old mother of 2, was found on Thanksgiving Day in 2016. She was tied up with a broken nose, a brand on her right shoulder, and a shaved head.

>Papini told authorities that 2 Hispanic women kidnapped her at gunpoint. She even went as far as to provide descriptions to an FBI sketch artist.

FBI sketch

>Police collected DNA samples from her clothes. They ran them against the national criminal database but found no matches. However, in 2020, they found a match: her boyfriend’s father, who’s DNA was on record with the DOJ. They then traced the sample to the ex boyfriend and he admitted to the entire hoax.

>It turns out, in reality, she was with an unidentified ex boyfriend who she asked to pick her up. The two of them set the whole storyline up.

>The pair plotted their escape on pre-paid cell phones which they used to text each other. She then spent the next few weeks at his apartment. She hired a rental car to drive her back to her family’s neighborhood.

>Since then, she has claimed $30,000 in 35 payments from the Victim Compensation Board

>She was voluntarily staying with a former boyfriend in Costa Mesa. She even committed self harm in order to support her false story.

>Even after the FBI agents confronted her with evidence proving that it was a hoax, she doubled down on her lies.

>Since 2011, Papini and 1 of the men she had on her phone had been sending flirtatious messages with for years. The other man claims that Sherri is an “attention seeker” who will do everything to get it. Sherri’s own boss said that she was good at creating different realities for people.

>In fact, when she had previously run away as a teenager and her mom contacted authorities, alleging that her daughter was self harming and trying to blame it on her.

>She faces a mail related charge which carries up to 20 years. She also faces a charge for lying to a federal officer, which is a 5 year maximum sentence.

>This entire sharade from Sherri cost time and money from the government. It also caused a panic from her family and the general public. All for attention.

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