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Studies Show That Female Teachers Are Biased

>UK studies suggest that male teachers teach all their students the same regardless of gender.

>The same can’t be said for female teachers. Female teachers give biases in favor of female students.

>Female teachers mark male students more harshly than female students.

>This also has a psycholohical effect. Having a female teacher lowered the effort of male students.

>Studies show that female students are better behaved in class and less disruptive. The researchers have used this fact as reasoning for why the teachers are giving female students better grades.

>Implying that the behavior influences the way teachers grade them. Almost a reward for good behavior versus actual performance.

>Studies also show that boys tend to be more hostile towards school and as they get older, become more disengaged.

>At the end of the day, there needs to be consequences for marking a students grade lower due to their assigned sex. It’s discriminatory and it’s a form of malpractice in an education system that’s supposed to be treating their students fairly.

Huffington Post UK

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