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False Accuser: Sharon Taylor

>Sharon Taylor is a former independent town councillor

>Sharon admitted to her husband that she was having an affair. Leading to the breakdown of their 21-year marriage. Mr. Taylor chose to move out of their home.

>Sharon did not accept the end of the relationship. Nor did she handle the end of the relationship with maturity. Instead, she concocted a vile campaign of false rape allegations in order to get revenge and leverage.

>Between March and April of 2022, she spent a month harrassing Mr. Taylor with 216 messages. Demanding money and that he continue to carry out household chores. She even said in one message “I want to destroy you”.

>She later went to his post office job, and outright lied. Claiming that he had raped her for years. A staff member advised her to report the claim to law enforcement. Which she refused, citing that it would hurt her political career.

>The following day, she retracted her statement. She tried to cite her supposed “affected mental health” which she ties to the separation from her husband. Yet, her behaviors of false rape allegatiosn didn’t stop there.

>She threatened to call the police and falsely accuse him of rape, if he didn’t quit his job.

>She was found guilty of black mail and stalking charges. She appeared at Worcester Crown Court.

>Richard Hull, defending her, said she had been going through a mental breakdown and struggled to accept that their marriage was over and that she was ‘deeply remorseful’ for her actions. I like to opine that its easy to be remorseful after being caught and held in front of a legal court.

>Judge Martin Jackson commented: “False allegations of rape are extremely unsettling. Threatening to make an allegation that is untrue is a very serious matter.” Just not serious enough to keep her in prison, apparently.

>She was sentenced to a total of 2 years and 3 months in jail. But that sentence was suspended.

>She was also ordered to complete 30 days of rehabilitation, banning her from keeping in contact with her husband.

This case should disturb everyone.

>There is no sympathetic portrayal one could possibly muster up for Sharon Taylor. Sharon had the affair, leading to the end of the marriage. She then harrassed and stalked him. She went on a long campaign to destroy his life in order to get “vengeance” despite the fact that there was nothing to avenge (as she was the cheater).

>This shows you the legnth some women will go to destroy an innocent man’s life. For the simple act of a breakup that she herself caused.

>This also shows you the problem with the justice system. Which should just be called the INjustice system at this point. Depsite the fact that her behaviors were premeditated. Despite the fact that she harrassed and antagonized
an innocent man. The courts still treated her as “a woman with mental illness” and not “a vengeful woman seeking to destroy a man’s life”.

>To their credit, they ORIGINALLY gave her a sentence (before suspending it). They did ban her from talking to her husband. They did give her a 30 day rehabilitation sentence (yup, that’ll show her-not). But this situation was handled with kids gloves. The media should have been heavily reporting on it and the woman should have been unapologetically condemned. Not sympathied or teated as simply “mentally ill”.

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2 thoughts on “False Accuser: Sharon Taylor

  1. This is why an effective men’s rights movement is needed to challenge the (in)justice system. Men are denied justice for being harmed and threatened, just so women can get off lightly for their criminal actions.

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