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False Accuser: Kristy Barr

>Kristy Barr was a woman who made headlines by speaking out against Ryan Kerrison, her ex boyfriend. Speaking in detail about the abuse that she suffered at the hands of the “monster”. There was just one tiny little issue…..she fabricated the entire event. Barr is one of many women who attempted to use society’s obsession with the “damsel in distress” phenomenon in order to ruin an innocent man’s life.

>Just to give you a sample of how much she fabricated to ruin this man’s lie, here is one of her tense allegations. In December 2018, Barr called 999, claiming that Ryan chased her up the stairs and assaulted her. She claimed that he then cut her with a knife and threw her down the stairs. She added that he later put a gun to her head.

>Due to the violent nature of her allegations, legal action was taken. In one instance, he was given a restraining order. In the next he was taken into custody of 2 months. In an unfortunate instance, a fully armed police force was sent to his home.

>However, evidence and witness statements convinced police that there was no way he could have committed the offences that Barr was accusing him of.

>The lack of evidence convinced law enforcement to investigate the accuser. She was eventually charged.

>Appearing at a Hull Crown Court, Barr confessed to perverting the court of justice. She was jailed for 3 years and 9 months.

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BBC News

One thought on “False Accuser: Kristy Barr

  1. Serious Organised Crime are onto this.
    They easily manipulate the Police to get them to do their dirty work for them.
    I’ve almost been killed by “armed response” officers three times.
    Worse thing is. They immediately know they’ve screwed up and abused the real victim, but make things worse by covering up and joining the Serious Organised Criminals in helping them make their false accusations true.
    Oh how the Police would just love to actually find a gun at my house! 😀


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