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The Annual Tradition Of Lying And Submission

Submission is the condition of one demographic deferring to the influence and/or superior authority of another demographic. Submission exists in sports, in politics, business, war, etc. The state of deference is an informal one and has kept up that reputation for years. However, there is a psychological form of intimidation and unwanted vulnerability that men and women feel when acknowledging their submission to the opposite sex.
Similar to every other aspect of life, the man and woman are choosing to be submissive, as it has its benefits-though it also has its disadvantages. However, the male and female sex can’t bring themselves to admit to their submissive behaviors. They address the existence of these behaviors. But they refer to them as something other than “deference”. It would appear that while people enjoy the “benefits” of their submissive behaviors, they don’t feel comfortable “wearing it on their sleeves” so to speak. It’s almost a way of embracing the behavior actively, while dismissing the behavior verbally.
But why is this? Well, from what I can tell, it would appear that men and women don’t like the implications of being vulnerable towards their opposite peers. It gives them a form of vulnerability that makes them feel “less than” the opposite sex. As a result, they will do mental gymnastics to justify this submissive behavior. Obviously, men and women do it in different forms.

Women: The Masculine Patriarchal Puppet Master

Women spend decades trying to put on this gimmick of “female empowerment” in the media. Claiming that women are just as capable in all walks of life, and that these roles that they took up are a result of social conditioning. According to them, if they promote an empowering message to women, then women will become more “independent” of the male population in all aspects of life. Well, reality doesn’t seem to support that thinking.

-As published by Elizabeth Ralph (to Politico on Feburary 7, 2020), studies show that modern women still search for men who have a higher income. In fact, highly educated women, have an especially strong preference for men who out earn them.
-Another study showed that women are actually more attracted to men who engage in benevolent sexism. They even went as far as to find women who have “strong feminist attitudes” in an attempt to prove that this thinking was only due to “women with traditionalist values”. Yet, the study concluded that women who are against traditionalist arguments (like “it’s a woman’s role to stay at home”, “women are not fit to be leaders”, “and that women are less than men”) still completely believe in men performing acts of chivalry (such as holding the door open for her, helping her lift heavy objects, protecting her from danger, and cherishing her beauty).
-This means that women are open to being submissive to a man as long as they can utilize it to their benefit. They’re ok with being viewed as objects of desire, as long as it leads to a man (that they’re attracted to) constantly putting them on a pedastal-cherishing their beauty. They’re ok with being seen as “fragile” if it leads to a man protecting them from danger. They’re totally fine with their capability and competence being in question if it prevents them from having to lift heavy boxes and gives them a “ladies first” gesture.

Women usuallly dismiss their submission as an indirect result of “patriarchal brainwashing”. By labeling it patriarchal brainwashing, it implies that women are being “forced” to adhere to these submissive gender roles against their will. When in reality, they agree to submissions that benefit them. They can’t call it willing submission, as it would imply that women (even with free will) would completey agree to submit to a man once life becomes too inconvenient. Which implies a level of hypocrisy in female behavior.
I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t forced submission still submission?” You’re correct in your observation. However, people don’t change their perception of a person due to forced submission. A dictatorship is forced submission. No one would look down on that population for submitting to authority, as their life and humanity can be robbed for speaking out. People submit in places of employment, as they can lose their jobs if they don’t. Forced submission puts you in a predicament where you feel as if you have no other choice but to follow suit.
-By claiming that men are creating a culture brainwashing them to perform these actions, they’re giving themselves a pass for their behaviors. They’re trying to convince everyone that their submission is being forced upon them by a “poweful male influence”.

Men: Emotional Superiority

In relationships, a man usually goes out of his way to court a woman. Women are the “selectors” in a relationships. Giving them the social leverage. Men know this and attempt to keep women satisfied in relationships and daily walks of life. Women will form an opinion on a given topic about gender. Men will have mixed opinions on it. Instead of speaking up, men will sit there and let the woman walk all over them with little-to-no pushback.
This puts men in a vulnerable position at the hands of women. But this reality doesn’t reflect the reality that men want to live in. Men can’t accept the fact that they’re submitting to women. They can’t handle the fact that women basically own them, and put them in a predicament where they have to do whatever the woman says all for the future possibility of finding a women and/or getting laid. It makes them look pathetic to the casual observer. Knowing this, men try to cite women’s emotional state as the “real reason” why they won’t step up and cal women out.

Historically, women have been seen to be more emotional than men. Whether they’re really more emotional or whether they just express their emotions more is a subject of debate that people still have today. Men in this case, conflate female emotion with female irrationality. They use that as a reason why they never speak out or fight back when they disagree with women’s ideas. They would rather believe that women are so incompetent and emotionally inferior to men, than to put their foot down and argue back. In the rare occassion where a man does argue back with a woman, men will intervene and ask the man why is he arguing with a woman-knowing how “emotional” they are.

I got a better theory. Maybe women aren’t acting this way because they’re “emotionally unstable”? Maybe, just maybe, they’re acting this way because there’s no consequence for their behavior. Women seem to have no problem keeping their emotions in check in aspects of life where consequences would be involved. Women keep their emotions in check when dealing with their bosses at a place of employment. Why? Because, acting out would lead to them losing their jobs. Women and girls manage to keep their emotions in check when they’re in class at a school. Why? Because refusing to do so could lead to suspensions or expulsions. Yet, when it comes down to women speaking to everyday men, they can act out, antagonize you, and resort to shaming tactics. Why? Because there is no consequence. They know, at the end of the day, the worst you can do is end the discussion and move on to something else. They know you’re gonna back down and bend the knee for them. So what do they lose for mistreating you and behaving poorly? Nothing.

Women: Taking Back The Power

Heterosexual sex is something that men and women have to do together. Not one or the other. It’s a way of submission. Doing things to satisfy your partner, being sexually rewarded. Women do very specific things to spice up their sex lives. They wear revealing clothing (cleavage) in order to seduce their partner. They do suggestive poses. They speak seductively for the man to experience arousal. All of these things are used to attract a man’s attention. In other words, you’re doing it for the man’s satisfaction. There’s nothing wrong with this. Live your life-but don’t lie about it.
Women, unfortunately, have to maintain their ego. The idea of doing something for a man, is something that puts a bad taste in their mouth. For that reason, women have to rewrite history and ignore logic, in order to convince themselves that they’re dressing up purely for their own approval. Not to say that people don’t wear attire for their own liking. But, the purpose of sexualizing one’s self is to attract the attention of other people. To install sexual thoughts into someone else’s brain.
Yet, they have to go on camera everyday pretending as if they’re wearing revealing clothing purely for their own satisfaction and not for any pleasure of others. They even go further to justify this delusion, by creating 2 terminologies that they use in order to make a distinction between dressing for male approval. They call dressing for male approval “the male gaze”. The opposite, in which they supposedly “dress for themselves” is called “taking back the power”. They dress sexually provocative and do explicit dances in many different walks of life (the music industry, Twitch, Onlyfans, etc.) all in the name of “taking back the power”. Women go on to compliment other women for being “bad bitches”

Men: Stupidly Implying Male Power (SIMP)

The term “simp” was originally used as a shortening of the word “simpleton” implying that a person is foolish. Recently, the word was been completely redefined. The term is now used against someone (usually men) who panders to women in a losing effort to garner affection or a sexual relationship. It’s even been turned into an acronym, standing for “Sucker Idiolizing Mediocre Pussy”. Many behaviors can fall under the “simp” umbrella.
-blowing away money on a woman who doesn’t love you
-running countless errands to appease the woman, like a servant
-attacking and threatening other men in blind defense of “your woman”
-basing your entire identity of manhood on how many women give you affection

Yet, all over media and in real life, men live their life in denial. Trying to convince themselves that these behaviors are a form of “male power”.
-Irrationally believing that putting women on a pedastal somehow is a feature of their rulership. Throughout history, the person being put on the pedastal is the ruler and the person putting them on the pedastal is the servant. Yet, in the alternate reality that men choose to live in, putting someone else on a pedastal gives you sovereignty.
-Bragging about how many women leach on to them for financial gain, as if it’s a staple of male bragging rights.
-Treating men like heros for getting in the face of any man who’s an inconvenience to “their woman”. Putting your life and health on the line in blind defense of women, showing it as a staple of their dominance.

The only thing this can be classified under is “delusion”. Men, since the beginning of time, have been engaging in these behaviors. It was their tradition. They can’t see themselves giving these behaviors up, despite the fact that we consistently claim to be living in “modern times”. Knowing how pathetic this looks, their only line of defense is to convince themselves that men’s behavior is really just a representation of their masculine power. When, in reality, this is just men’s deluded minds working overtime to cling on to the little form of self respect that they have left. This behavior is not a form of power, rulership, or dominance. It’s a reality of servantry and inferiority.

The question one must ask is, why do men and women spend all of their time pretending as if willful submission is anything other than willful submission? My guess would be a form of embarrassment. Modern women are trying to portray themselves as “strong and independent”. Modern men are trying to portray themselves as “emotionally superior bad asses”. They’re self aware that their submissive behaviors are a complete contradiction to the image that they’ve garnered for themselves. They know that this reality hurts their “gimmick” and credibility.

Well, here’s my rather simplistic take on the subject matter: it’s your choice. Choose which side of the spectrum you want to be on and live with the results.
-Some people would rather be wilfully submissive. Makes sense. It’s the status quo after all. If you want to be wilfully submissive, that’s your decision-but be honest about it. Call a spade “a spade”. Don’t lie to yourself and other people, just because you can’t handle the truth.
-Other people may be tired you’re tired of living their life as a lie. Understandable. It gets more and more difficult as reality closes in. Well, there’s a solution to all of this: stop being wilfully submissive. It won’t be easy, as we’re used to this being the standard of society. But if its better for you in the long run, then its something you should strive for. Long term happiness is better than short term interest.

At the end of the day it’s your choice. It’s your life. Choose wisely.

Psychology Today

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