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False Rape Accuser: Anisah Ahmed

Introduction>Anisah Ahmed, female lawyer, met Iqbal Mohammed on LinkedIn. >Mohammed is a barrister who specializes in commerical law at St Phillips Chambers. He made an appearance on BBC legal documentary “The Barristers”, a documentary that follows bar students as they took their first step into the profession. >Ahmed and Mohammed began their 6 month relationshipContinue reading “False Rape Accuser: Anisah Ahmed”

False Accuser: Sarah Davies

Background>Sarah Davies was in an on-off relationship with Mark Kennedy. >Apparently, Mark received an inheritance payout. Sarah wanted Mark to use his newfound money to pay for her to get lip botox. Accusations & Torture >Due to his refusal, she and Steve Wynnyk kidnapped and tortured him and falsely accused him of pedophilia. She accusedContinue reading “False Accuser: Sarah Davies”

Legal Aid For Malta Fathers Increased

>Father’s Rights groups, first garnered mainstream attention in the United States. However, as time went on, they became more prominent in other countries. In this case, Malta has a father’s group called “Flimkien Missirijiet Inqumu”. >Father’s groups seem to have 2 major goals and objectives. Get fathers more access to their children (by combating parentalContinue reading “Legal Aid For Malta Fathers Increased”

Court Threatens Mom & Grandma With Prison Time For Parental Alienation

>A Pretoria mother and grandmother is ordered by court to stop alienating the father from his child. >Both were found guilty of denying the father his legal rights. The father had been trying to get custody for 3 years. >If they continue with the unlawful action there will be warrants for their arrest. >Vanessa daContinue reading “Court Threatens Mom & Grandma With Prison Time For Parental Alienation”

Female Gym Member Makes Dumb Tik Tok Video

>Tik Tok user @libbychristensen was at the gym excercising. Using a hack squat machine backwards. >She does it in front of a guy who was preparing to lift weights. >For whatever reason, she has a camera on him without his consent or knowledge. >He doesn’t even pay any attention to her squating, as he’s focusedContinue reading “Female Gym Member Makes Dumb Tik Tok Video”

False Accuser: Elizabeth Ward

>Elizabeth Ward falsely accused a young man (with learning difficulties) of rape. She has been described as a vulberable woman with special needs and mental health problems. >Elizabeth dabbed her eyes with water in order to portray herself as sad and upset about her alleged rape. >She reported the innocent man to the police. ItContinue reading “False Accuser: Elizabeth Ward”

Violent Women: Joan Huber

>Joan Huber, an Irish mother, shot dead her husband and 2 teenage sons before taking her own life. >Police were alerted by neighbors, who said they had not seen the family in days. >The murder-suicide incident was discovered by police in Reno, Nevada. >Reno detectives issues a statement, saying that their investigation had concluded HuberContinue reading “Violent Women: Joan Huber”

False Accuser: Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth

>Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth and her boyfriend (Mr. Jolly) were together for 2 years but split up on “okay terms” in 2019. >Courtney began seeing a new man called Declan Rice >Presumably not over the break up with Mr. Jolly, she began manipulating the system to frame him >She created 30 false profiles, sent vile messages utilizingContinue reading “False Accuser: Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth”

Violent Women: Suffragist Mary Dubal

>Mary Dubal was a suffragist, advocating for women’s voting rights. >However, Dubal, was also a domestic abuser. >She was the first suffragist to be given a penitentiary sentence for husband beating. >She was arrested on a warrant obtained by Mr. Dubal>Albert Hotchkiss, city judge, found her guilty and effectively stated that women should be heldContinue reading “Violent Women: Suffragist Mary Dubal”