Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act

>On July 27, 2020 The House passed a bill called the “Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act”. The bill plans to establish a bipartisan commission to study the racial disparities affecting black males. >The bill was introduced by Representative Fredrica Wilson. The bill won the vote, 368-1. Representative Mo BrooksContinue reading “Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act”

False Accuser: Caitlyn Gray

20 year old Caitlyn Gray, got her car fixed by a good Samaritan. She repays him by accusing him of rape. Timeline>Kenan Basic offered to help Caitlyn Gray with her smashed car. He spent nearly 2 hours attempting to get the car back on the road. >Caitlyn later told police that Kenan asked her forContinue reading “False Accuser: Caitlyn Gray”

Violent Women: Marina Kukha

>Marina Kukha, wife of rapper Andy Cartwright, admitted to dismembering her husband’s body. She chopped his body up in front of their 2 year old son. >She claimed that the rapper had died of a drug overdose and that she didn’t want his fans to know (her motivation for dismembering his body). But, there wasContinue reading “Violent Women: Marina Kukha”

Australian Brotherhood Of Fathers

Australian Brotherhood Of Fathers is now a HuMANity recommended organization AboutAustralian Brotherhood Of Fathers (ABF) is an organization dedicated to reforming laws that negatively impact fathers. They also have “dad support groups”, where they provide emotional and psychological support for fathers. Sourcewebsite:

Violent Women: Nicole Denison

>Nicole Denison, a Florida flight attendant for “Allegiant Air” has been married to Mike Denison (a fitness instructor and bartender) for about 3 years. >When she returned to her home, she was shocked to see her husband engaging in sexual activity with another woman.>Angered by the event, she violently attacked her husband. She punched him,Continue reading “Violent Women: Nicole Denison”

Female Predators: Leah Cordice

Leah Cordice is a married woman who was babysitting a 13 year old boy. In January 2017, while intoxicated, Leah went into the boy’s room while he was playing on his video game console. She then pulled his pants down and begged for sex. Meanwhile, she married her long time boyfriend, Daniel Robbins. Afterwards, LeahContinue reading “Female Predators: Leah Cordice”

Amy Cooper Racial Controversy

Amy Cooper has received a great deal of backlash after a video of her falsely accusing a Christian Cooper (no relation), a black man, of threatening her life. Christian Cooper had an encounter with Amy, who didn’t have her dog on a leash-violating park rules. Christian started to record the incident. Amy, not wanting toContinue reading “Amy Cooper Racial Controversy”

George Floyd

Derek Chauvin was recently charged for the death of George Floyd. There was a video released showing white officer, Derek, kneeling on George’s neck for nearly 9 minutes. George constantly pleaded to the officer that he couldn’t breathe. But Derek ignored this and proceeded to kneel on George’s neck-even after he was unconscious. The videoContinue reading “George Floyd”

Kristen Fabricates Story Of A Black Man Attacking Her

Kristen Michelle Rimes filed a police report on November 26, 2019, with the City Of Columbia Police Department, claiming that she was attacked by a black man wearing a hoodie in a Walmart parking lot. She went as far as to make a Facebook post about it. The police investigated and realized that she wasContinue reading “Kristen Fabricates Story Of A Black Man Attacking Her”

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