Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act

>On July 27, 2020 The House passed a bill called the “Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act”. The bill plans to establish a bipartisan commission to study the racial disparities affecting black males. >The bill was introduced by Representative Fredrica Wilson. The bill won the vote, 368-1. Representative Mo BrooksContinue reading “Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act”

Australian Brotherhood Of Fathers

Australian Brotherhood Of Fathers is now a HuMANity recommended organization AboutAustralian Brotherhood Of Fathers (ABF) is an organization dedicated to reforming laws that negatively impact fathers. They also have “dad support groups”, where they provide emotional and psychological support for fathers. Sourcewebsite:

Gay Men Abused in Morocco

In Morocco, homosexuality is illegal. Which puts the gay community in danger. Even more so, during the Covid-19 restrictions being enforced in that country. As many activists have pointed out, the Covid-19 restrictions prevent gay men from leaving their abusive families. It’s bad enough that gay men have to deal with the limits that theirContinue reading “Gay Men Abused in Morocco”

The Relationship Of Gay Men & Masculinity

In honor of Pride month, I would like to explore the complicated relationship between gay men and the rest of the world. Considering I’m heterosexual, I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a gay male. However, I can tell you (from the many news stories of the violenceContinue reading “The Relationship Of Gay Men & Masculinity”

Michael Flood Seeks To Discredit Father’s Groups

Male Feminist Michael Flood, writes for a website called “XY Online”. Flood uses the site as a platform to promote feminist propaganda and to spread misinformation about men’s groups. In 2011, he wrote a piece called “Let’s Stop Violence Before It Starts: Using primary prevention strategies to engage men, mobilise communities, and change the world”.Continue reading “Michael Flood Seeks To Discredit Father’s Groups”

Kyle’s Stance On Gender Equality Is All Over The Place

IntroductionKyle Kullinski is a left wing political commentator, who’s known for his YouTube channel “Secular Talk”. He decided to take a crack at the subject in his video titled “Richard Dawkins: There’s A Men’s Rights Movement?” So, for context, Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist was at Kennesaw State. He was interviewed about a variety ofContinue reading “Kyle’s Stance On Gender Equality Is All Over The Place”

Black Man Discriminated Against Twice

Sauntore Thomas filed a successful lawsuit against his former employer for racial discrimination. He was hoping that he could move on from any more legal problems. Unfortunately, he found himself in a new one. Thomas went to cash his settlement checks at his bank, TCF. He attempted to deposit them into his bank account. But,Continue reading “Black Man Discriminated Against Twice”

MRAs being lost in the Manosphere

IntroductionUnless your head is been under a rock, you’re completely aware of the antagonism that the men’s rights movement (MRM) receives from the media. One of the most misleading pieces of information that the media continues to spew is directly related to the manosphere. The MRM is constantly lumped in with other existing manosphere groups.Continue reading “MRAs being lost in the Manosphere”

5 Stupid Things About Steve Shives Videos

IntroductionSteve Shives is a left wing political commentator. He makes a series of YouTube videos called “Five Stupid Things”. In Five Stupid Things, he’s supposed to give five valid criticisms of a person, group of people, or an ideology. This series gets large amounts of views and is very prominent on his channel. Well, SteveContinue reading “5 Stupid Things About Steve Shives Videos”

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