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The National Coalition For Men Groundbreaking Selective Service Case

IntroductionHistorically, the United States of America has had a male-only draft. Even though the draft hasn’t been implemented for decades, men are still required to register for Selective Service. If they don’t, they could risk legal punishment and employment opportunities. Several organizations and politicians have spend decades debating the issue of a male-only draft andContinue reading “The National Coalition For Men Groundbreaking Selective Service Case”

Legal Aid For Malta Fathers Increased

>Father’s Rights groups, first garnered mainstream attention in the United States. However, as time went on, they became more prominent in other countries. In this case, Malta has a father’s group called “Flimkien Missirijiet Inqumu”. >Father’s groups seem to have 2 major goals and objectives. Get fathers more access to their children (by combating parentalContinue reading “Legal Aid For Malta Fathers Increased”

The Racial Dilemma Of The Men’s Rights Movement

Part 1: Race In AmericaThe Uncomfortable History Of Black SubjugationDue to the history of slavery and Jim Crow, racism is the most polarizing topic in modern America. The White House that presidents sit in, was built by slaves. Banks, stores, schools, and houses were once segregated-as black people were legally denied access to resources. WhenContinue reading “The Racial Dilemma Of The Men’s Rights Movement”

When Joe Rogan Had Something LEFT To Prove

IntroductionJoe Rogan is an American comedian, MMA color commentator, and podcaster. He rose to prominence in 2015, due to his hosting role in the Joe Rogan Experience (which he launched in 2009). His favorability came from the fact that he was essentially the only major platforming channel that isn’t overwhelmingly partisan. A lot of politicalContinue reading “When Joe Rogan Had Something LEFT To Prove”

Police Officer Fired Over Traffic Stop Incident

Recently, there was a traffic stop incident that led to backlash from the general public due to the unnecessary force done by the officers. Caron Nazario, a second lieutenant in the US Army Medical Corps, in suing the town of Windsor, Virginia. Officer Joe Gutierrez was fired in the aftermath of the incident. Police officersContinue reading “Police Officer Fired Over Traffic Stop Incident”

Government Will Address Surge In British Female Sex Offenders

>From 2015-2019, there were at least 2,297 reports of children being abused by women in England and Wales. >Experts warn that there’s a “lack of understanding” surrounding the abuse.>Dr. Andrea Darling, a criminology researcher at Durham University, told the BBC that the figures are likely a lot higher.>Campaigners claim that the rise of reports isContinue reading “Government Will Address Surge In British Female Sex Offenders”

The Young Turks Forget How Journalism Works

IntroductionDue to the use of the internet, men’s issues have grown in popularity. Not outstanding by any means, but a working progress. With the rising discussion of men’s issues, the men’s rights movement (MRM) inevitably attracted attention as well. The MRM had a sudden surge in popularity in 2010. This led to popular YouTube channelsContinue reading “The Young Turks Forget How Journalism Works”

Justice Department Files Lawsuit For Alabama’s Mistreatment Of Male Prisoners

IntroductionThe Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Alabama and the Alabama Department of Corrections. The complain is targeting the inhumane conditions of Alabama’s male prisons-which violates the Constitution. The state has been accused of doing little to protect prisoners from violence and sexual assault. The prisons are completely unsanitary and the prisoners have beenContinue reading “Justice Department Files Lawsuit For Alabama’s Mistreatment Of Male Prisoners”