Part 1: Introduction

  • Are you a man? Do you have any men in your life that you care about?
  • Do you have any interest in talking about men’s issues?
  • Are you tired of society pleading ignorance to the injustices that you face?
  • Do you think that society can do better in the future?

    Then Humanity is the place for you. Create your own account, give your opinions in the comments section, and share content. Men need a platform to speak about men’s issues and receive support. Humanity seeks to be the voice, guidance, and aid for men. Join our community and remind society that men are Human.

What Is Humanity?
Humanity (often stylized as HuMANity) is a men’s human rights website, founded by X-man. The discussion related to gender equality has been largely one sided and gynocentric. The male side of the equation has been largely ignored. This website is dedicated to raising awareness to the other side of the equation. Helping men find a suitable placement in the push for gender equality

Who Is X-man?
I’m a Human Rights Activist who prioritizes the need for egalitarianism. My main priority, however, is men’s issues. I’m an associate of father’s rights groups, intactivist groups, and the men’s rights movement.
You can find my writing on this website, A Voice For Men, and The Medium. I’m a member of The National Coalition For Men-Chicago, The National Parents Organization, and The Illinois Father’s Rights Movement. My main areas of interest for men are father’s rights, male victims of domestic and sexual violence, men’s health, male incarceration, media representation, and the education of boys.

Part 2: Rules
This website is open to discussions and hearing new points of view related to men’s issues. However, society has rules-and Humanity is no different. If you want to publish articles on the site and post comments on the site, please follow the rules. What’s also important to note is that article submissions are NOT a paid service. Humanity is not a large corporation or a multi million dollar site. It’s a site that provides free content to readers.

>Race/Ethnicity: This website is racially inclusive. Meaning that it will be talking about issues related to race/ethnicity-as long as it’s related to male injustice. Issues that black men face will be added to this site. The same goes for Asian men, Native American men, Hispanic/Latino men, and so forth.
>Gender: This website is about men’s issues. However, it isn’t a “male-only” site. Men and women can both join, comment, and submit content.
>Religion: Humanity is open to men’s beliefs. Christianity, Islam, Atheism, etc.
>Other: gay men, poor men, disabled men, and other marginalized communities.

>Masculinity: If a person wants to criticize any traditional gender roles related to masculinity, this is welcome. If people find positive uses with traditional masculinity, this is also allowed. This site does not have any affiliation with the rhetoric of “toxic masculinity”.
>Male/Female criticism: This is not a website designated to “woman hating” or claiming that all of men’s problems are the fault of their own gender. But, if you have legitimate criticisms of either gender, feel free to express that criticism.
>Men’s Groups: This is generally a men’s rights sight. However, the content about men does not have to be limited to the viewpoints of men’s rights groups. Perspectives can be added from other men’s groups, as long as it follows the rules and has a genuine interest in the well being of men.

HuMANity is a free website that can be read for free. If you feel the need to donate money to website, then yo u can do so through PayPal.
>PayPal: Xavier Jones (312-885-9472)

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.

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