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Violent Women: Cordelia Farrell

Introduction>Cordelia Farrell had been in a relationship with Wayne Coventry (father of 3) for 2 and a half years. The relationship was described as “toxic” and “characterized by violence and jealousy”. >Cordelia had been caught into illegal situation on 2 separate occasions. Both Violent Attacks>On one occasion, she brutally attacked Wayne. Biting and twisting hisContinue reading “Violent Women: Cordelia Farrell”

False Accuser: Kristy Barr

>Kristy Barr was a woman who made headlines by speaking out against Ryan Kerrison, her ex boyfriend. Speaking in detail about the abuse that she suffered at the hands of the “monster”. There was just one tiny little issue…..she fabricated the entire event. Barr is one of many women who attempted to use society’s obsessionContinue reading “False Accuser: Kristy Barr”

False Accuser: Sharon Taylor

Introduction>Sharon Taylor is a former independent town councillor >Sharon admitted to her husband that she was having an affair. Leading to the breakdown of their 21-year marriage. Mr. Taylor chose to move out of their home. >Sharon did not accept the end of the relationship. Nor did she handle the end of the relationship withContinue reading “False Accuser: Sharon Taylor”

False Accuser: Princess Williams

>Princess Williams shared a relationship with Kenrick Thomas for about 4 months. >The 2 of them engaged in consensual sex. Afterwards, they ended up in an argument, which resulted in one of the parties ending the relationship. >Following the break up, Williams sent a voice note to Thomas, falsely accusing him of rape. >She thenContinue reading “False Accuser: Princess Williams”

Sherri Papini Faked A Kidnapping

>Sherri Papini was described as a woman with multiple affairs and boyfriends. Her exes describe her as an “attention hungry” woman who made things up for sympathy. But the stunt she pulled in 2016 is something that shocked the country. >Papini’s husband, Keith, reported her missing on November 2nd at 5:50 pm after returning homeContinue reading “Sherri Papini Faked A Kidnapping”

False Accuser: Marianne Naughton

>Marianne Naughton, 25, from Ramsey New Jersey had sex with a man after a drunken night out in Douglas in November 2019 >She later falsely accused that man of rape. >Naughton said that she met the man at the Nags Head pub in Douglas on November 2nd, after her husband had gone home. She claimedContinue reading “False Accuser: Marianne Naughton”

False Accuser: Rebecca Palmer Falsely Accused A Soldier of Rape

>Rebecca Palmer had sex with a soldier. She was hoping to develop a relationship with the soldier. The soldier rejected her. >Angered by this, Rebecca Palmer went on a malicious campaign, falsely accusing him of sexual assault. >She made multiple false accusations. She sent malicious communications to the victim and his family. >She had inventedContinue reading “False Accuser: Rebecca Palmer Falsely Accused A Soldier of Rape”

False Rape Accuser: Anisah Ahmed

Introduction>Anisah Ahmed, female lawyer, met Iqbal Mohammed on LinkedIn. >Mohammed is a barrister who specializes in commerical law at St Phillips Chambers. He made an appearance on BBC legal documentary “The Barristers”, a documentary that follows bar students as they took their first step into the profession. >Ahmed and Mohammed began their 6 month relationshipContinue reading “False Rape Accuser: Anisah Ahmed”

False Accuser: Sarah Davies

Background>Sarah Davies was in an on-off relationship with Mark Kennedy. >Apparently, Mark received an inheritance payout. Sarah wanted Mark to use his newfound money to pay for her to get lip botox. Accusations & Torture >Due to his refusal, she and Steve Wynnyk kidnapped and tortured him and falsely accused him of pedophilia. She accusedContinue reading “False Accuser: Sarah Davies”

Violent Women: Haley Erin Zager

>Haley Erin Zager was in a go-kart and was hit from behind by another go-kart. >She got out of her go-kart and slapped the 11 year old black boy in the face and called him a racial slur for not apologizing. >Multiple employees say Zager get out of the go-kark and hit the child. >AnotherContinue reading “Violent Women: Haley Erin Zager”