Yasmin Walker Jailed For Revenge Porn

Yasmin Walker, 30, has been convicted for several different offences. Drinking and driving, threatening and abusive behavior, and battery. She recently went to prison for another offence: “revenge porn”. Walker was upset that the victim she was with said that he allegedly “just wanted to be friends”. So, she took it upon herself to engageContinue reading “Yasmin Walker Jailed For Revenge Porn”

Atlanta Men Create Self Help Movement

>Keith A Lewis Jr. and Jermaine Clark have founded a powerful movement named “I’m A Father First”. >I’m A Father First is an organization that prioritizes the individual virtue of the men in Atlanta, Georgia-especially black men. >The founders were tired of seeing black fathers being incarcerated and deceased. Of course, fathers have to dealContinue reading “Atlanta Men Create Self Help Movement”

Feminists Can’t Seem To Define Feminism

IntroductionFeminism seem to have an infatuation with the “No true Scotsman” Fallacy-especially when it comes down to defending feminists from allegations of misandry. The No True Scotsman fallacy is based on the idea that those who perform a specific action are not part of said group and thus criticism of that action is not criticismContinue reading “Feminists Can’t Seem To Define Feminism”

Karin Wilcox Charged With Sexual Assault

>Karin Wilcox, a 25 year old woman, coerced an underaged male into a relationship.>This incident was discovered in May 17th, 2020 when the police were called over a possible domestic assault. >The 2 were sharing a bed>The boy said he’s been in a relationship with Wilcox for a year>She admitted to having sex with theContinue reading “Karin Wilcox Charged With Sexual Assault”

Finance Company Removes Ad After Complaints

>Instance Finance, a finance company, released a “Lazy Susan” ad. >It shows a woman and man arguing while packing a donkey.>The woman gets angry, starts yelling, and hits the guy with her hand bag.>The Advertising Standards Authority received a number of complaints about the ad. The complaints were about the idea to show violence againstContinue reading “Finance Company Removes Ad After Complaints”

Mitchell Matthews’ Tragic “Man Up” Suicide

British army soldier, Mitchell Matthews, requested time off to take care of his daughter. His wife, Katy, is a nurse that worked on the NHS frontline during the pandemic. Mitchell wanted to fill in as the parent while his wife was at work. He was actually granted this time with his daughter. However, he wasContinue reading “Mitchell Matthews’ Tragic “Man Up” Suicide”

Police Officer Fired Over Traffic Stop Incident

Recently, there was a traffic stop incident that led to backlash from the general public due to the unnecessary force done by the officers. Caron Nazario, a second lieutenant in the US Army Medical Corps, in suing the town of Windsor, Virginia. Officer Joe Gutierrez was fired in the aftermath of the incident. Police officersContinue reading “Police Officer Fired Over Traffic Stop Incident”

Female Predators: Kelsie Krueger

>A Minnesota woman named Marie Krueger has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for raping a young boy. She pleaded guilty to one count of first degree rape.>The indictment says that Krueger assaulted the boy between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013 when he was 2-4 years old. >She made a plea dealContinue reading “Female Predators: Kelsie Krueger”

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