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Studies Show That Female Teachers Are Biased

>UK studies suggest that male teachers teach all their students the same regardless of gender. >The same can’t be said for female teachers. Female teachers give biases in favor of female students. >Female teachers mark male students more harshly than female students. >This also has a psycholohical effect. Having a female teacher lowered the effortContinue reading “Studies Show That Female Teachers Are Biased”

Legal Aid For Malta Fathers Increased

>Father’s Rights groups, first garnered mainstream attention in the United States. However, as time went on, they became more prominent in other countries. In this case, Malta has a father’s group called “Flimkien Missirijiet Inqumu”. >Father’s groups seem to have 2 major goals and objectives. Get fathers more access to their children (by combating parentalContinue reading “Legal Aid For Malta Fathers Increased”

Court Threatens Mom & Grandma With Prison Time For Parental Alienation

>A Pretoria mother and grandmother is ordered by court to stop alienating the father from his child. >Both were found guilty of denying the father his legal rights. The father had been trying to get custody for 3 years. >If they continue with the unlawful action there will be warrants for their arrest. >Vanessa daContinue reading “Court Threatens Mom & Grandma With Prison Time For Parental Alienation”

Female Gym Member Makes Dumb Tik Tok Video

>Tik Tok user @libbychristensen was at the gym excercising. Using a hack squat machine backwards. >She does it in front of a guy who was preparing to lift weights. >For whatever reason, she has a camera on him without his consent or knowledge. >He doesn’t even pay any attention to her squating, as he’s focusedContinue reading “Female Gym Member Makes Dumb Tik Tok Video”

Violent Women: Joan Huber

>Joan Huber, an Irish mother, shot dead her husband and 2 teenage sons before taking her own life. >Police were alerted by neighbors, who said they had not seen the family in days. >The murder-suicide incident was discovered by police in Reno, Nevada. >Reno detectives issues a statement, saying that their investigation had concluded HuberContinue reading “Violent Women: Joan Huber”

Dads On Duty In Louisiana

>Southwood high school had a violent incident that saw 23 students arrested. >As a result, a group of approximately 40 fathers stepped up and chose to take action. A group by the name of Dads On Duty, stay on campus from the time the students get to school to the time school ends. They allContinue reading “Dads On Duty In Louisiana”

Yasmin Walker Jailed For Revenge Porn

Yasmin Walker, 30, has been convicted for several different offences. Drinking and driving, threatening and abusive behavior, and battery. She recently went to prison for another offence: “revenge porn”. Walker was upset that the victim she was with said that he allegedly “just wanted to be friends”. So, she took it upon herself to engageContinue reading “Yasmin Walker Jailed For Revenge Porn”

Atlanta Men Create Self Help Movement

>Keith A Lewis Jr. and Jermaine Clark have founded a powerful movement named “I’m A Father First”. >I’m A Father First is an organization that prioritizes the individual virtue of the men in Atlanta, Georgia-especially black men. >The founders were tired of seeing black fathers being incarcerated and deceased. Of course, fathers have to dealContinue reading “Atlanta Men Create Self Help Movement”