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Men’s Health Facts Part #2: Heart Disease

IntroductionCardiovascular disease, more commonly referred to as heart disease, refers to several types of heart conditions. It includes diseased vessels, structural problems, and blood clots. Heart disease is officially recognized as the leading cause of death in the United States of America. Seeing how prevelant it is amonst Americans, I ind it important to findContinue reading “Men’s Health Facts Part #2: Heart Disease”

Mitchell Matthews’ Tragic “Man Up” Suicide

British army soldier, Mitchell Matthews, requested time off to take care of his daughter. His wife, Katy, is a nurse that worked on the NHS frontline during the pandemic. Mitchell wanted to fill in as the parent while his wife was at work. He was actually granted this time with his daughter. However, he wasContinue reading “Mitchell Matthews’ Tragic “Man Up” Suicide”

Men’s Health Facts Part #1

Heart DiseaseAmong the age of 65 and over, 39% of men have heart disease. This is higher than women who have 27% in the same age group. Researchers indicate the reasoning is related to the body shape of men and women. Women’s bodies tend to be pear-shaped, while men’s bodies are more apple-shaped. When womenContinue reading “Men’s Health Facts Part #1”


February 4 is World Cancer Day. I’m using this day to raise awareness about men and cancer. Facts About Cancer & Men The most common kinds of cancer among men in the United States are skin cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer. There is a cancer screening process for people attempting to findContinue reading “#WorldCancerDay”

Survivors UK

Welcome Survivors UK to the Recommended page of my group. >This is a UK organization that supports male victims of sexual abuse and rape. >They provide counseling services. >They have groups for men who have all went through sexual abuse>They have a #WeSeeYou campaign. They wear a button-shaped pin in order to raise awareness. PleaseContinue reading “Survivors UK”

Black Men’s Health Project

The Black Men’s Health Project has been added to my Recommended page. This organization notices that black men’s health has not been a priority for society. They hope to change this. If you’re a black man, or someone who supports black men, please visit the site. You can also watch their videos on their YouTubeContinue reading “Black Men’s Health Project”

Resources For Men: Alabama Suicide Hotlines

Introduction[Note: This article was originally published on The Medium. Edited for quality] In 2016, more than 79% of Alabama suicides were males of all races. Even more frightening, the suicide rate is 16.2. This is higher than the homicide rate, which is 11.2. So, for men in Alabama, here is a lost of suicide preventionContinue reading “Resources For Men: Alabama Suicide Hotlines”