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False Accuser: Sophie Pointon

>In 2017, Sophie Pointon, a criminology student falsely accused a taxi driver of rape after he refused to accept a kebab-soaked tenner. >She told cops that she had been sexually assaulted in the back of a cab after a night out in Leeds city centre. She signed a statement giving a detailed account of theContinue reading “False Accuser: Sophie Pointon”

False Accuser: Susan Shannon

>Susan Shannon had a blog titled “Short Little Rebel” >On Shannon’s blog, she falsely accused Col. David “Wil” Riggins of raping her. She claimed that she got drunk at a party and that Riggins offered to drive her home. She then claims that, after she passed out from intoxication, he had sex with her unconsciousContinue reading “False Accuser: Susan Shannon”

Fale Accuser: Shivani Singh Threatens To Falsely Accuse Man

>24-year old woman Shivani Singh, befriended a man and established a physical relationship with him. She kept videos and pictures of their intimate relations-which she threatened to make public if he didn’t pay her a certain amount of money. >She also threatened to file a false rape accusation against him. >The victim reported Shivani toContinue reading “Fale Accuser: Shivani Singh Threatens To Falsely Accuse Man”