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Reynhard Sinaga

Reynhard Sinaga - Wikipedia
Mugshot of Reynard Sinaga

>Reynard Sinaga is a serial rapist who was finally caught in 2017. He routinely preyed on young men who were enjoying a night out.

>He was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting 48 men. But police believe there are approximately 190 victims.

>Some of his favorite scenery included Chinatown and Gay Village. He was living in a rented flat, just a small walk from Factory Nightclub

>Most of his victims were guys in their late teens or early 20s, who had been out drinking. Some had become separated from their friends. Others were on their way home.

>Sinaga portrayed himself as a flamboyant, churchgoing. He was a thin man, with a short stature, and slight build. He also had a friendly smile. He seemed pretty harmless to the casual observer. He would use that harmless persona to make himself more trustworthy to the intoxicated young men. A lot of these men were heterosexual.

>Along with his creepy tendencies, he usually flexed his dominance. He recorded attacks. He collected items and information from the victims and kept them as “trophies”.

>If you’re thinking “why would someone possibly do something like that?”, just know that it gets way weirder than previously assumed. He’s not just some creepy rapist with an ego. He was a successful college student. He already had four college degrees and was studying for a doctorate. By day, he was a bookworm, by night he was a pervert.

>He’s been described as UK’s most prolific rapist due to the horrific scenario. Luckily, he was captured. His victims had their day in court to testify against him. He has been sentenced to life in prison.

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BBC News

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