Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act

>On July 27, 2020 The House passed a bill called the “Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act”. The bill plans to establish a bipartisan commission to study the racial disparities affecting black males. >The bill was introduced by Representative Fredrica Wilson. The bill won the vote, 368-1. Representative Mo BrooksContinue reading “Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act”

Layla Moran & The Double Standard Of Domestic Violence

[This article was originally published on The Medium] In 2013, Layla Moran and her ex-boyfriend were arrested after a Liberal Democrats Party Conference. The two of them were getting into a dispute, which culminated when Layla slapped her ex across the face. The two of them were released from jail after charges were dropped. ThisContinue reading “Layla Moran & The Double Standard Of Domestic Violence”

Violent Women: Marina Kukha

>Marina Kukha, wife of rapper Andy Cartwright, admitted to dismembering her husband’s body. She chopped his body up in front of their 2 year old son. >She claimed that the rapper had died of a drug overdose and that she didn’t want his fans to know (her motivation for dismembering his body). But, there wasContinue reading “Violent Women: Marina Kukha”

Violent Women: Nicole Denison

>Nicole Denison, a Florida flight attendant for “Allegiant Air” has been married to Mike Denison (a fitness instructor and bartender) for about 3 years. >When she returned to her home, she was shocked to see her husband engaging in sexual activity with another woman.>Angered by the event, she violently attacked her husband. She punched him,Continue reading “Violent Women: Nicole Denison”

Female Predators: Leah Cordice

Leah Cordice is a married woman who was babysitting a 13 year old boy. In January 2017, while intoxicated, Leah went into the boy’s room while he was playing on his video game console. She then pulled his pants down and begged for sex. Meanwhile, she married her long time boyfriend, Daniel Robbins. Afterwards, LeahContinue reading “Female Predators: Leah Cordice”

Female Predators: Isabel O’Shaughnessy

On January 21, 2019, feminists held a Women’s March in Washington, D.C. During the event J Owen Shroyer, a host for Info Wars, was interviewing someone from the march. Suddenly, one of the members of the march, inappropriately touched Shroyer and openly admitted to doing it on camera. The woman was identified as Isabel KennaContinue reading “Female Predators: Isabel O’Shaughnessy”

Joel Lacopelli Falsely Accused

In 2015, Joel Lacopelli was falsely accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year old while he cared for the child at Community Bible Church in Port Royal, South Carolina. He was arrested at his home and charged for sexually assaulting a minor under 11 years of age. Charges were dropped on August 20, 2015 for lackContinue reading “Joel Lacopelli Falsely Accused”

Female Predators: Michigan Teacher Charged For Drugging/Raping Students

Kathryn Houghtaling, was charged in January 2019 with six counts of criminal and sexual conduct in the second degree. Prosecutors added a seventh charge due to Kathryn providing a controlled substance (Xanax) to at least one of the students. She agreed to a no-contest plea right before her trial started in January. She was foundContinue reading “Female Predators: Michigan Teacher Charged For Drugging/Raping Students”

Media Misandry: Chip On Your Shoulder commercial

During the Superbowl, an ad for CURE Auto Insurance released an ad that made light of a male being assaulted. The woman is complaining about her personal life, while eating chips. One of the chips fall on her shoulder. The man tells her that she has a chip on her shoulder. However, she misinterprets hisContinue reading “Media Misandry: Chip On Your Shoulder commercial”

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