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Atlanta Men Create Self Help Movement

IM A FATHER F1RST Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerMatch

>Keith A Lewis Jr. and Jermaine Clark have founded a powerful movement named “I’m A Father First”.

>I’m A Father First is an organization that prioritizes the individual virtue of the men in Atlanta, Georgia-especially black men.

>The founders were tired of seeing black fathers being incarcerated and deceased. Of course, fathers have to deal with unfair court cases and systemic discrimination by courts. But, there are still black men out there who intentionally leave their children and refuse to take responsibility for their actions

>Most media members spend their time trying to “shame black fathers” or use them to push a negative image on black men (and ultimately the community as a whole). This organization doesn’t do this. They don’t spend their time “wagging their fingers” at black fathers. They lead by example and volunteer in their community in order to promote a positive image of black fathers.

>They remind black fathers how important and vital they are in their community. Giving a voice to them. Letting them know that they are difference makers in the communities. They have a “King Talk” series in order to push that idea forward.

If you wanna learn more about the incredible work that they are doing, please check out their website and watch this video about their organization and their hard work.

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