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The Racial Dilemma Of The Men’s Rights Movement

Part 1: Race In AmericaThe Uncomfortable History Of Black SubjugationDue to the history of slavery and Jim Crow, racism is the most polarizing topic in modern America. The White House that presidents sit in, was built by slaves. Banks, stores, schools, and houses were once segregated-as black people were legally denied access to resources. WhenContinue reading “The Racial Dilemma Of The Men’s Rights Movement”

Atlanta Men Create Self Help Movement

>Keith A Lewis Jr. and Jermaine Clark have founded a powerful movement named “I’m A Father First”. >I’m A Father First is an organization that prioritizes the individual virtue of the men in Atlanta, Georgia-especially black men. >The founders were tired of seeing black fathers being incarcerated and deceased. Of course, fathers have to dealContinue reading “Atlanta Men Create Self Help Movement”

Police Officer Fired Over Traffic Stop Incident

Recently, there was a traffic stop incident that led to backlash from the general public due to the unnecessary force done by the officers. Caron Nazario, a second lieutenant in the US Army Medical Corps, in suing the town of Windsor, Virginia. Officer Joe Gutierrez was fired in the aftermath of the incident. Police officersContinue reading “Police Officer Fired Over Traffic Stop Incident”

Twerking Black Women Cause Pointless Controversy

Background>True Kitchen + Kocktails is a black owned restaurant that recently opened up in Dallas Texas. They have a DJ in the background playing music. Some black women took it upon themselves to stand up from their seats and start twerking. One woman stood from her seat, put he hands on the glass, and startedContinue reading “Twerking Black Women Cause Pointless Controversy”

Black Men Under Jim Crow Joe Biden

IntroductionIn an effort to remind black men how little the Democrat Party values our life, Joe Biden became their front runner in the 2020 presidential election. In fact, Joe Biden has been a leading voice of the Democrat party since the 1980s. During his political career, he’s played the role as the 2nd coming ofContinue reading “Black Men Under Jim Crow Joe Biden”

The SPLC Antagonize A Male Support Group

IntroductionThe Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an organization that has a long history of slandering and antagonizing groups that they have a bias against. In the case of men’s issues, the SPLC routinely sees men’s groups as “dangerous” and “prejudice”-due to their feminist favoritism. Well, the SPLC decided to take it up a notch.Continue reading “The SPLC Antagonize A Male Support Group”

Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act

>On July 27, 2020 The House passed a bill called the “Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act”. The bill plans to establish a bipartisan commission to study the racial disparities affecting black males. >The bill was introduced by Representative Fredrica Wilson. The bill won the vote, 368-1. Representative Mo BrooksContinue reading “Commission On The Social Status Of Black Men And Boys Act”

Amy Cooper Racial Controversy

Amy Cooper has received a great deal of backlash after a video of her falsely accusing a Christian Cooper (no relation), a black man, of threatening her life. Christian Cooper had an encounter with Amy, who didn’t have her dog on a leash-violating park rules. Christian started to record the incident. Amy, not wanting toContinue reading “Amy Cooper Racial Controversy”

George Floyd

Derek Chauvin was recently charged for the death of George Floyd. There was a video released showing white officer, Derek, kneeling on George’s neck for nearly 9 minutes. George constantly pleaded to the officer that he couldn’t breathe. But Derek ignored this and proceeded to kneel on George’s neck-even after he was unconscious. The videoContinue reading “George Floyd”