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Clementine Ford’s Covid-19 Tweet

Clementine Ford’s Comments
On May 23, 2020 prominent feminist Clementine Ford made light of men dying from corona virus on Twitter. As you could expect, this tweet drew immediately backlash-for obvious reasons. It wished death upon an entire demographic of people. It also jokes about covid-19, in the midst of the deadly pandemic.

Clementine Ford's recent Tweet done 'in incredibly poor taste ...
Clementine’s Tweet

Clementine Responding To Backlash
The backlash didn’t stop Clementine from digging herself into a deeper hole. Men and women were both calling her out. But that doesn’t fit her narrative. So she chose to only identify the men who were criticizing her. She referred to the men being justifiably upset as “fragile” for daring to criticize her. She thought comparing a comedian doing “dark comedy” was the equivalent of a feminist (with a son, mind you) hoping that a pandemic murders half the population. This shows her lack of intelligence on the concept of comedy and the concept of bigotry.

So what was her justification for her covid-19 tweet? She read an article about a father’s lack of childcare duties. So….this justifies her prejudice tweet? I don’t think so-and neither did anyone else.

Ford’s tweet of The Lilly article

An account informed her that she was digging herself into a deeper hole. She was informed that she should just delete the tweet and move on. She however snapped back and claimed that her tweet was completely justifiable.

Ford snapping back against an account

The Non-Apology
Finally, after realizing how much backlash she was getting, she chose to apologize. Well…sort of. She gave a large non-apology. Where she again justified her actions by claiming that jokes about men are just “punching up”. She goes on to claim that she was attempting to draw attention to the domestic labor that women have to burden. She then goes on to criticize men for not being “outraged enough” about this reality.
This was a total non-apology. She framed the issue as a “misjudgment” and a “lack of correct words”. Her tweet was flat out prejudice and used to garner outrage. She just didn’t realize that she would criticism from both men and women at such a large rate. Instead of holding herself accountable for her actions, she attempted to shift part of the blame and attention to men. This is not a legitimate apology. This is an attempt to free herself from responsibility despite being clearly in the wrong.

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This is a routine pattern of behavior from feminists on Twitter. Make outrageous statements. Double down on said statements. Pretend like the people criticizing you are “fragile” and “triggered”. Then cite your criticism to portray yourself as the victim.

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