Wikipedia’s Feminist Bias Meetings

Wikipedia is an online resource that acts as an encyclopedia. It’s the largest and most popular general reference on the World Wide Web. Wikipedia has a volunteer community to add info about topics, using a “wiki-based editing system”. Unfortunately, that entire system has an incredible bias. Annually, there’s a “Art & Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon”. AtContinue reading “Wikipedia’s Feminist Bias Meetings”

Layla Moran & The Double Standard Of Domestic Violence

[This article was originally published on The Medium] In 2013, Layla Moran and her ex-boyfriend were arrested after a Liberal Democrats Party Conference. The two of them were getting into a dispute, which culminated when Layla slapped her ex across the face. The two of them were released from jail after charges were dropped. ThisContinue reading “Layla Moran & The Double Standard Of Domestic Violence”

Amy Cooper Racial Controversy

Amy Cooper has received a great deal of backlash after a video of her falsely accusing a Christian Cooper (no relation), a black man, of threatening her life. Christian Cooper had an encounter with Amy, who didn’t have her dog on a leash-violating park rules. Christian started to record the incident. Amy, not wanting toContinue reading “Amy Cooper Racial Controversy”

George Floyd

Derek Chauvin was recently charged for the death of George Floyd. There was a video released showing white officer, Derek, kneeling on George’s neck for nearly 9 minutes. George constantly pleaded to the officer that he couldn’t breathe. But Derek ignored this and proceeded to kneel on George’s neck-even after he was unconscious. The videoContinue reading “George Floyd”

Kristen Fabricates Story Of A Black Man Attacking Her

Kristen Michelle Rimes filed a police report on November 26, 2019, with the City Of Columbia Police Department, claiming that she was attacked by a black man wearing a hoodie in a Walmart parking lot. She went as far as to make a Facebook post about it. The police investigated and realized that she wasContinue reading “Kristen Fabricates Story Of A Black Man Attacking Her”

Clementine Ford’s Covid-19 Tweet

Clementine Ford’s CommentsOn May 23, 2020 prominent feminist Clementine Ford made light of men dying from corona virus on Twitter. As you could expect, this tweet drew immediately backlash-for obvious reasons. It wished death upon an entire demographic of people. It also jokes about covid-19, in the midst of the deadly pandemic. Clementine Responding ToContinue reading “Clementine Ford’s Covid-19 Tweet”

Gay Men Abused in Morocco

In Morocco, homosexuality is illegal. Which puts the gay community in danger. Even more so, during the Covid-19 restrictions being enforced in that country. As many activists have pointed out, the Covid-19 restrictions prevent gay men from leaving their abusive families. It’s bad enough that gay men have to deal with the limits that theirContinue reading “Gay Men Abused in Morocco”

The Relationship Of Gay Men & Masculinity

In honor of Pride month, I would like to explore the complicated relationship between gay men and the rest of the world. Considering I’m heterosexual, I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a gay male. However, I can tell you (from the many news stories of the violenceContinue reading “The Relationship Of Gay Men & Masculinity”

Michael Flood Seeks To Discredit Father’s Groups

Male Feminist Michael Flood, writes for a website called “XY Online”. Flood uses the site as a platform to promote feminist propaganda and to spread misinformation about men’s groups. In 2011, he wrote a piece called “Let’s Stop Violence Before It Starts: Using primary prevention strategies to engage men, mobilise communities, and change the world”.Continue reading “Michael Flood Seeks To Discredit Father’s Groups”

Student Who Tested Negative For Drugs, Expelled Regardless

Jordan Evans, a former student at Northmont High School was stopped and searched by school authority figures after his teachers claimed that he smelled like weed. Evans was subjected to a search. No drugs were found. Katina Cottrell, his mother-a registered nurse, brought a drug test up to the school. He passed the test. SheContinue reading “Student Who Tested Negative For Drugs, Expelled Regardless”

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