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The National Coalition For Men Groundbreaking Selective Service Case

IntroductionHistorically, the United States of America has had a male-only draft. Even though the draft hasn’t been implemented for decades, men are still required to register for Selective Service. If they don’t, they could risk legal punishment and employment opportunities. Several organizations and politicians have spend decades debating the issue of a male-only draft andContinue reading “The National Coalition For Men Groundbreaking Selective Service Case”

Female Gym Member Makes Dumb Tik Tok Video

>Tik Tok user @libbychristensen was at the gym excercising. Using a hack squat machine backwards. >She does it in front of a guy who was preparing to lift weights. >For whatever reason, she has a camera on him without his consent or knowledge. >He doesn’t even pay any attention to her squating, as he’s focusedContinue reading “Female Gym Member Makes Dumb Tik Tok Video”

The Racial Dilemma Of The Men’s Rights Movement

Part 1: Race In AmericaThe Uncomfortable History Of Black SubjugationDue to the history of slavery and Jim Crow, racism is the most polarizing topic in modern America. The White House that presidents sit in, was built by slaves. Banks, stores, schools, and houses were once segregated-as black people were legally denied access to resources. WhenContinue reading “The Racial Dilemma Of The Men’s Rights Movement”

When Joe Rogan Had Something LEFT To Prove

IntroductionJoe Rogan is an American comedian, MMA color commentator, and podcaster. He rose to prominence in 2015, due to his hosting role in the Joe Rogan Experience (which he launched in 2009). His favorability came from the fact that he was essentially the only major platforming channel that isn’t overwhelmingly partisan. A lot of politicalContinue reading “When Joe Rogan Had Something LEFT To Prove”

Finance Company Removes Ad After Complaints

>Instance Finance, a finance company, released a “Lazy Susan” ad. >It shows a woman and man arguing while packing a donkey.>The woman gets angry, starts yelling, and hits the guy with her hand bag.>The Advertising Standards Authority received a number of complaints about the ad. The complaints were about the idea to show violence againstContinue reading “Finance Company Removes Ad After Complaints”

Nene Arrested For Male Minor Sex Abuse

Danudet Sangkaew, better known as “Nene”, ran one of Thailand’s top modeling agencies. The agency has reportedly worked with more than 8,400 child models and actors. Thailand’s Department Of Special Investigations (DSI) was given a tip off from Australian police. The DSI raided Nene’s office on February 11 and recovered pictures of child sex abuseContinue reading “Nene Arrested For Male Minor Sex Abuse”

Bernie Sanders Accused Of White Male Privilege For Winter Attire

IntroductionDuring Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, politicians were heavily dressed up and glamorized. They made the typical “politician” victory speeches. However, what caught everyone’s attention was Bernie Sanders. While everyone was sitting around, being professional, Bernie was sitting down-wearing a winter coat and mittens, like a normal person. Due to this, the picture of Sanders wentContinue reading “Bernie Sanders Accused Of White Male Privilege For Winter Attire”