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When Joe Rogan Had Something LEFT To Prove

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Joe Rogan is an American comedian, MMA color commentator, and podcaster. He rose to prominence in 2015, due to his hosting role in the Joe Rogan Experience (which he launched in 2009). His favorability came from the fact that he was essentially the only major platforming channel that isn’t overwhelmingly partisan. A lot of political platforms are explicitly left wing or right wing. They only invite people who fit in their bubble. Even worse, people have been censored for not fitting the mold of political opinions that certain establishments want them to.
Rogan flipped the political world on its head by allowing people from all over the political spectrum to bring up their views on his podcast. His podcast allows public figures to have a talk about their opinions on multiple subjects without fear of being censored. During the interviews, Rogan tries to find common ground with the person he’s interviewing. He sees if they can agree on something, and he goes along with what he agrees with. However, Rogan has been rightfully criticized for talking out of both sides of his mouth. He acts in one way in front of certain guests and does a complete 180 when talking to people with opposing arguments (trust me, we’re gonna see that in this article).
Either way, his platform helps both parties feel comfortable and open about their opinions. Unfortunately, that wide variety of political spectrums doesn’t seem to include men’s issues. Politicians running for office? Yes. Controversial political figures? Of course? Conspiracy theorists-like Alex Jones? Why not? But, anyone advocating for men and their basic human rights? Let’s not get too radical here.

JRA-Joe Rights Activists
Originally, during the earlier moments of his podcast, Rogan had a completely different political approach than he does today. He was critical of Islam and transgenderism-which got him a lot of criticism from left wing commentators. In the 2012 U.S. presidential election, he endorsed Republican Ron Paul. In the 2016 presidential election, he endorsed libertarians Gary Johnson and Jo Jorgenson. However, one of his noticeable differences between Rogan and the left, was his views on feminism.
In fact, he got into a heated dispute with a feminist heckler at a comedy club. And he got into an argument with another feminist in an after show. He continuously criticized feminists on his podcast. He expressed his distrust with men who call themselves “feminists”-calling them weasels.

Rogan vs Feminist Heckler
Rogan vs Feminist In Aftermath
Male Feminists

Unfortunately, this video has been made “private” preventing us from seeing it. Feminists, disliking his criticisms started referring to him as a “Men’s Rights Activist”. Claiming that he was fighting for men’s issues by arguing against feminists. Apparently, fighting for men is supposed to be an insult. Rogan didn’t seem to understand why the word “MRA” was being used as an insult. He even commented on it in the middle of a podcast with Sam Tripoli (Joe Rogan Experience #398 [41:18-47:54]). He was bringing up male prostitution, child support, and false rape accusations. He even defended the fact that there needs to be coalitions looking out for men’s rights and expressed his disgust with people mocking the need to stand up for men (you’ll soon see why this talk is ironic as hell).

Joe Rogan Explaining That Men Should Have Rights On His Twitter Account

Joe’s Shift In Tone
Around 2018, Joe Rogan started to invite a noticeable amount of key left wing guests. Jimmy Dore, Kyle Kullinski, Cenk Uygur, Bernie Sanders, Cornel West, and so forth. Around this time, he started portraying himself as a left wing commentator. He would routinely have a conversation about politics with a guest. During these talks he would go out of his way to clarify that he’s left wing-not right wing. He would go into detail about why he’s left wing and why he doesn’t consider himself right wing.
Around this same time, Joe started taking a harsher stance against the Men’s Rights Movement. What’s unique about him isn’t just his complete 180 on the topic of gender equality-it’s the lack of common sense behind his logic. Whenever Joe tries to make fun of MRAs, he can’t manage to string together a consistent reason. You start to question if he even believes what’s coming out of his mouth. His dismissal of the MRM depends on blind ignorance as opposed to sound logic.
On Joe Rogan Experience #1187, he had a talk with Kyle Kullinski. Where he spoke about his recent special-taking shots at the MRM. He supposedly “got backlash” from MRAs for mocking them in his stand up-despite the fact that no such articles or videos on the standup seem to be present. He responded to the backlash by telling Kyle that men “have all the rights”, “start all of the wars”, and that they “run everything”. He extended a small olive branch to MRAs by saying that he agreed with MRAs on divorce courts (which makes his “have all of the rights” statement a complete contradiction). But even when he conceded about those topics, he hid behind “dead beat dads” as an excuse for courts screwing men over.

Joe Rogan Talking To Kyle Kullinski

On Joe Rogan Experience #1286, he had a talk with Anthony Jeselnik about comedy. He started attempting to pat himself on the back for his stand up specials. He praised himself for getting people to laugh at his critique of feminism. How did he get them to laugh? By mocking the existence of men’s rights activists-despite his past statements saying that there needs to be a movement for men’s rights. He claimed that he wanted to grab MRAs and say “Dude we got them all. We have all of the rights”. Just a second later, completely contradicting himself, he said that there’s reasons for MRAs to exist and said that MRAs have legitimate points. He even went on to repeat several talking points that MRAs point out-like false accusations, divorce court, alimony, etc.

On Joe Rogan Experience #1413, he had a talk with Bill Maher. The 2 of them were addressing how women try to take large sums of money from the man in divorce. Bill was making a point about income inequality when it comes down to gender. He was agreeing that it exists, but that other scenarios need to be factored in. Like asking for a raise, being more assertive, and negotiating on women’s side. To be fair, whether you agree or disagree, he was speaking about this subject in a polite manner and slowly attempting to address the points and debunk them without looking like an asshole (a skill that he suddenly dropped later on in the video).
Joe went on to name drop Jordan Peterson (who some accused of being sexist) for coaching women on how to be more assertive in their job fields. Bill Maher went on to make a very interesting point. He pointed out how women actually show a strong level of assertiveness when it comes down to divorce settlements. That they manage to be aggressive when asking for child support and custody of the child. Yet, they conveniently don’t show aggression when it comes down to asking for a raise. In order to lack controversy, Bill implied that it can go both ways.
For some reason, this caught Joe’s attention to say that this never happens. He then made an odd comparison, comparing it to female perpetrators of domestic violence. Mocking male victims of domestic violence. Speaking in a mocking tone saying “women can beat men up”. Bill laughed and decided that men who suffer domestic violence should simply “go to the gym”. Ignoring the fact that they’re painfully ignorant on female perpetration, the talk didn’t stop there. Joe wanted to take it a step further. He decided that these “men’s rights guys” are “assholes” for daring to bring recognition to female perpetrators. He even claimed that men only get raped by only men. And laughed at the idea of women raping dudes.
The both of them went on to claim that they’re fans of Christina Hoff Sommers (a woman who wouldn’t even agree with their arguments on domestic violence and actually has affiliated with multiple MRAs). He also went on to claim that the pendulum has swung too far in another direction (a complete contradiction to his standup and his speech in this very arguments against MRAs).

If it isn’t clear by now, Rogan is the type of guy who will talk out of both sides of his mouth. The current side of his mouth that he’s choosing to speak out of doesn’t manage to have any actual substance coming out of it. Either way, Rogan has a specific direction that he’s choosing to go in. And that direction doesn’t seem to be one of common sense.

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