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False Accuser: Princess Williams

>Princess Williams shared a relationship with Kenrick Thomas for about 4 months.

>The 2 of them engaged in consensual sex. Afterwards, they ended up in an argument, which resulted in one of the parties ending the relationship.

>Following the break up, Williams sent a voice note to Thomas, falsely accusing him of rape.

>She then gave him an option to pay her $10 million or else she would make a report to the police.

>Thomas reported the incident to law enforcement.

>She was found guilty of extortion and was being escorted to the police station. Put on a $100,000

>While being escorted, Williams claimed that she was feeling unwell and was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital the following day.

>After receiving medical treatment, she asked to use the washroom. While she was alone in the washroom, she made her desperate dash for escape. Unfortunately for her, it was short lives, as she was captured soon after.

>She was then charged for escaping lawful custody and remanded to prison.

>She was found guilty and sentenced to 3 years in prison for attempted extortion of her ex-boyfriend.

>41 year old Christina Williams, mother of Princess Williams (and a total of 6 children) is not truggling financially as a result of her daughter’s actions.

>Christina is battling an illness and relied on Princess to take care of her financially. With Princess behind bars, she’s struggling to make ends meet.

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News Room


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