George Floyd

Derek Chauvin was recently charged for the death of George Floyd. There was a video released showing white officer, Derek, kneeling on George’s neck for nearly 9 minutes. George constantly pleaded to the officer that he couldn’t breathe. But Derek ignored this and proceeded to kneel on George’s neck-even after he was unconscious.

The video completely contradicts the officer’s original claim. The report originally claimed that George was resisting arrest. The video shows him face down on the concrete, with a police officer on top of him. That video caused an alarm to the general public and lead to violent protests. Police cars and buildings were set on fire.

Noticing these protests, the law reacted. They charged Derek with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter.

This charge was progress and gives people a small sense of relief. But, it doesn’t fix the entire problem. Laws need to be passed in order to stop this cycle. Police officers who abuse their powers and treat people inhumanely should be immediately punished. A protest shouldn’t be needed for something to change. Situations like this put distrust between the police and the general public. Similar to citizens, police should not be above the law. New laws need to be passed to fix this broken system. If that doesn’t happen, black men will continue to experience the treatment that George Floyd received.


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