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Bill Burr’s SNL Monologue Triggers White Women

SNL: Why Bill Burr's Shocking “White Women” Joke Worked | Vanity Fair

Bill Burr is a stand up comedian known for “pushing the envelope”. In life, society feels uncomfortable talking about certain topics due to the lack of comfortability. Bill’s comedy attempts to address the elephant in the room and allow people to self reflect on their behaviors. If you’re a person who’s willing to self reflect on your own personal problems, then you will fine Burr’s comedy to be “truthful” and “a breath of fresh air”. But, if you’re one of the people who aren’t willing to take constructive criticism, even in the form of comedy, then you’re gonna see him as “offensive” and demand he be stopped. White women ended up on the offended angle, demanding he be stopped.

Bill Burr, in his latest SNL monologue, doesn’t hold back on his criticism of white women. He calls them out for hijacking justice movements and making themselves the center of attention. White women has spent the last 5 decades wagging their fingers at white men about their privilege and their roles in racism. But, they curiously never call themselves out. They’ve been hiding behind feminism as a reason to ignore their privileges and their roles in racism. Trying to portray themselves as just as oppressed as people of color.

“Somehow, white women swung their Gucci-booted feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line.” Burr says.

White women, got angry and ranted all over Twitter. They got upset that Burr claimed that they make the entire discussion of justice about them. So how did they respond? By making the entire skit about justice about their feelings. Thus proving Burr’s point.

feminist next door/@emrazz-triggered white woman
BuckleUpButtercup/@Veronicaromm-triggered white woman
Kris Cooney/@krisDcooney

Luckily, common sense exists. Rational thinking people mocked these white women for not seeing the irony of their tweets and outrage.

Blanche Neverho-mocking triggered white women
The Red-Headed Libertarian calling out triggered white women
Jamie M-meme of triggered white women

Let’s all give a big hand to Bill Burr for managing to speak the truth and piss off all of the right people.

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3 thoughts on “Bill Burr’s SNL Monologue Triggers White Women

  1. The Women’s KKK was the original feminist movement. its where their ideology comes from. The Women’s KKK wrote the anti-black male slander and/or propaganda which eventually became “The Black Codes.” The Black Codes were the precursor to JIM CROW LAW.

    Who is creating all of the anti-male propaganda to this day? Feminists. Remember before they were known as feminists they were the Women’s KKK. In addition, at its height the KKK as a whole was literally being ran by a Caucasian woman known as Elizabeth Tyler.

    Affirmative Action was meant to help black men but who is the main beneficiary of it now? Caucasian women. The jobs and wealth they have should have been yours to take care of your family black men. Now these same women will block you out of the job market while claiming to be victims of you. They claim living in the suburbs sipping tea is worse than your plight of being gunned down in the street or the legacy of mistreatment of black men is somehow less important than “sexism” against Caucasian women.

    You even have a paid group of cointel shills on social media being protected by the Caucasian woman who runs Youtube promoting Caucasian women as victims and replacements for feminist black women. You’re being played brothers…..on all sides.


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