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The National Coalition For Men Groundbreaking Selective Service Case

IntroductionHistorically, the United States of America has had a male-only draft. Even though the draft hasn’t been implemented for decades, men are still required to register for Selective Service. If they don’t, they could risk legal punishment and employment opportunities. Several organizations and politicians have spend decades debating the issue of a male-only draft andContinue reading “The National Coalition For Men Groundbreaking Selective Service Case”

Studies Show That Female Teachers Are Biased

>UK studies suggest that male teachers teach all their students the same regardless of gender. >The same can’t be said for female teachers. Female teachers give biases in favor of female students. >Female teachers mark male students more harshly than female students. >This also has a psycholohical effect. Having a female teacher lowered the effortContinue reading “Studies Show That Female Teachers Are Biased”

Violent Women: Joan Huber

>Joan Huber, an Irish mother, shot dead her husband and 2 teenage sons before taking her own life. >Police were alerted by neighbors, who said they had not seen the family in days. >The murder-suicide incident was discovered by police in Reno, Nevada. >Reno detectives issues a statement, saying that their investigation had concluded HuberContinue reading “Violent Women: Joan Huber”

Yasmin Walker Jailed For Revenge Porn

Yasmin Walker, 30, has been convicted for several different offences. Drinking and driving, threatening and abusive behavior, and battery. She recently went to prison for another offence: “revenge porn”. Walker was upset that the victim she was with said that he allegedly “just wanted to be friends”. So, she took it upon herself to engageContinue reading “Yasmin Walker Jailed For Revenge Porn”

Female Predators: Kelsie Krueger

>A Minnesota woman named Marie Krueger has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for raping a young boy. She pleaded guilty to one count of first degree rape.>The indictment says that Krueger assaulted the boy between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013 when he was 2-4 years old. >She made a plea dealContinue reading “Female Predators: Kelsie Krueger”

Female Predators: Laura Dunker

>Laura Dunker, an American married teacher at Bedford High School, has plead guilty to 2 counts of sexual battery. She is sentenced to 2 years in prison. >Laura had sex with 2 male students over the course of a year, despite being 31 and married. >Several of the sexual incidents have taken place in herContinue reading “Female Predators: Laura Dunker”

Twerking Black Women Cause Pointless Controversy

Background>True Kitchen + Kocktails is a black owned restaurant that recently opened up in Dallas Texas. They have a DJ in the background playing music. Some black women took it upon themselves to stand up from their seats and start twerking. One woman stood from her seat, put he hands on the glass, and startedContinue reading “Twerking Black Women Cause Pointless Controversy”

Female Predators: Amanda Steele

>Amanda Katherine Steele avoids sex offender registry for having sex with minor teens. She was ordered to spend 90 days in jail. >She was originally charged with 3 counts of child sexual battery for luring teen boys to her home-influencing them to skip school. Those charges were dropped as part of a plea deal. >HerContinue reading “Female Predators: Amanda Steele”