February 4 is World Cancer Day. I’m using this day to raise awareness about men and cancer. Facts About Cancer & Men The most common kinds of cancer among men in the United States are skin cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer. There is a cancer screening process for people attempting to findContinue reading “#WorldCancerDay”


The hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp is trending on Twitter. Please join in as soon as possible everyone. I believe the hashtag does a great job raising awareness to male victims of domestic violence. It exposes the double standards in the media. HuMANity supports Johnny Depp. Hopefully, you can join us in the fight for male injustice.

The Red Pill Documentary

Congratulations. “The Red Pill” documentary by Cassie Jaye is now added to my Recommended page. The film follows Cassie Jaye as she interviews figures of the men’s rights movement and feminists who oppose it. After interviewing and realizing that the guys in the movement made her question her own knowledge, she slowly gains awareness toContinue reading “The Red Pill Documentary”

Survivors UK

Welcome Survivors UK to the Recommended page of my group. >This is a UK organization that supports male victims of sexual abuse and rape. >They provide counseling services. >They have groups for men who have all went through sexual abuse>They have a #WeSeeYou campaign. They wear a button-shaped pin in order to raise awareness. PleaseContinue reading “Survivors UK”

Survivors Manchester

Great news. I am happy to announce that Survivors Manchester will be added to the Recommended page of this site. Survivors Manchester is a UK organization that supports male survivors of sexual abuse and rape. They do an excellent job raising awareness and acting as a resource for people who need help. Please read theirContinue reading “Survivors Manchester”

Black Men’s Health Project

The Black Men’s Health Project has been added to my Recommended page. This organization notices that black men’s health has not been a priority for society. They hope to change this. If you’re a black man, or someone who supports black men, please visit the site. You can also watch their videos on their YouTubeContinue reading “Black Men’s Health Project”

Resources For Men: Alabama Suicide Hotlines

[Note: This article was originally published on The Medium] In 2016, more than 79% of Alabama suicides were males of all races. Even more frightening, the suicide rate is 16.2. This is higher than the homicide rate, which is 11.2. So, for men in Alabama, here is a lost of suicide prevention hotlines. If youContinue reading “Resources For Men: Alabama Suicide Hotlines”

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