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Violent Women: Joan Huber

>Joan Huber, an Irish mother, shot dead her husband and 2 teenage sons before taking her own life. >Police were alerted by neighbors, who said they had not seen the family in days. >The murder-suicide incident was discovered by police in Reno, Nevada. >Reno detectives issues a statement, saying that their investigation had concluded HuberContinue reading “Violent Women: Joan Huber”

Netherlands Will Promote Shared Parenting

The majority of MPs have voted for a law to give automatic parental rights to partners who are unmarried or in a registered partnership. At the moment, some fathers have found that they don’t have any legal parental status if the mother dies. This new law will make sure that both parents have parental authority-asContinue reading “Netherlands Will Promote Shared Parenting”

Getting stuff done: the confessions of a superdad with 5 crazy kids!

EVERYONE knows that a good dad: Is out of bed by 6:00 am, for 30 minutes of yoga. By 6:40 am, he’s showered, shaved and is skipping into the garden to collect fresh honey from the beehive. At 6:50 am, he stirs his tribe with encouraging words to seize the day. By 7:00 am, theContinue reading “Getting stuff done: the confessions of a superdad with 5 crazy kids!”