The Red Pill Documentary

Congratulations. “The Red Pill” documentary by Cassie Jaye is now added to my Recommended page. The film follows Cassie Jaye as she interviews figures of the men’s rights movement and feminists who oppose it. After interviewing and realizing that the guys in the movement made her question her own knowledge, she slowly gains awareness to the truth.

This documentary has received heavy censorship from feminist opposition. Successful and failed attempts have been made to prevent screenings of the documentary. Websites and YouTube channels have made efforts to slander Cassie Jaye and misrepresent the film.

Feminist professor, Rebecca Sullivan flat out lied and claimed that the film was about the right for men to rape women.

Video via An Ear For Men

YouTube channel by the name of Knowing Better managed to make a video, completely misrepresenting all of the points made in the film and taking a lot of points out of context. He then proceeded to make a pro-feminist case.

Knowing Better

Another YouTube channel by the name of Big Joel decided to join in on the slander and misrepresent the arguments made in the film. He made a 2 part hit piece.

Part 1
Part 2

Thankfully, YouTube Movies has given us the ability to watch the documentary. So please check it out and share your own personal opinion. I personally enjoyed the film. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as well.

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