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Studies Show That Female Teachers Are Biased

>UK studies suggest that male teachers teach all their students the same regardless of gender. >The same can’t be said for female teachers. Female teachers give biases in favor of female students. >Female teachers mark male students more harshly than female students. >This also has a psycholohical effect. Having a female teacher lowered the effortContinue reading “Studies Show That Female Teachers Are Biased”

Student Who Tested Negative For Drugs, Expelled Regardless

Jordan Evans, a former student at Northmont High School was stopped and searched by school authority figures after his teachers claimed that he smelled like weed. Evans was subjected to a search. No drugs were found. Katina Cottrell, his mother-a registered nurse, brought a drug test up to the school. He passed the test. SheContinue reading “Student Who Tested Negative For Drugs, Expelled Regardless”