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False Accuser: Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth

>Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth and her boyfriend (Mr. Jolly) were together for 2 years but split up on “okay terms” in 2019. >Courtney began seeing a new man called Declan Rice >Presumably not over the break up with Mr. Jolly, she began manipulating the system to frame him >She created 30 false profiles, sent vile messages utilizingContinue reading “False Accuser: Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth”

Violent Women: Suffragist Mary Dubal

>Mary Dubal was a suffragist, advocating for women’s voting rights. >However, Dubal, was also a domestic abuser. >She was the first suffragist to be given a penitentiary sentence for husband beating. >She was arrested on a warrant obtained by Mr. Dubal>Albert Hotchkiss, city judge, found her guilty and effectively stated that women should be heldContinue reading “Violent Women: Suffragist Mary Dubal”

Female Predators: Karin Wilcox

>Karin Wilcox, a 25 year old woman, coerced an underaged male into a relationship. >This incident was discovered in May 17th, 2020 when the police were called over a possible domestic assault. >The 2 were sharing a bed >The boy said he’s been in a relationship with Wilcox for a year >She admitted to havingContinue reading “Female Predators: Karin Wilcox”

Female Predators: Kelsie Krueger

>A Minnesota woman named Marie Krueger has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for raping a young boy. She pleaded guilty to one count of first degree rape.>The indictment says that Krueger assaulted the boy between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013 when he was 2-4 years old. >She made a plea dealContinue reading “Female Predators: Kelsie Krueger”

Nene Arrested For Male Minor Sex Abuse

Danudet Sangkaew, better known as “Nene”, ran one of Thailand’s top modeling agencies. The agency has reportedly worked with more than 8,400 child models and actors. Thailand’s Department Of Special Investigations (DSI) was given a tip off from Australian police. The DSI raided Nene’s office on February 11 and recovered pictures of child sex abuseContinue reading “Nene Arrested For Male Minor Sex Abuse”

Government Will Address Surge In British Female Sex Offenders

>From 2015-2019, there were at least 2,297 reports of children being abused by women in England and Wales. >Experts warn that there’s a “lack of understanding” surrounding the abuse.>Dr. Andrea Darling, a criminology researcher at Durham University, told the BBC that the figures are likely a lot higher.>Campaigners claim that the rise of reports isContinue reading “Government Will Address Surge In British Female Sex Offenders”

Female Predators: Laura Dunker

>Laura Dunker, an American married teacher at Bedford High School, has plead guilty to 2 counts of sexual battery. She is sentenced to 2 years in prison. >Laura had sex with 2 male students over the course of a year, despite being 31 and married. >Several of the sexual incidents have taken place in herContinue reading “Female Predators: Laura Dunker”

Female Predators: Amanda Steele

>Amanda Katherine Steele avoids sex offender registry for having sex with minor teens. She was ordered to spend 90 days in jail. >She was originally charged with 3 counts of child sexual battery for luring teen boys to her home-influencing them to skip school. Those charges were dropped as part of a plea deal. >HerContinue reading “Female Predators: Amanda Steele”

False Accuser: Sophie Pointon

>In 2017, Sophie Pointon, a criminology student falsely accused a taxi driver of rape after he refused to accept a kebab-soaked tenner. >She told cops that she had been sexually assaulted in the back of a cab after a night out in Leeds city centre. She signed a statement giving a detailed account of theContinue reading “False Accuser: Sophie Pointon”